ZCA: Activity details won't load

For most of the day, I’ve been getting the following when I click on any activity in ZCA:

Yeah me too - same thing

As of today’s Haute Route event, I can no longer access my activities in the Companion App – I just get a message of “Activity details could not be loaded.”. This is for Haute Route Stage 1, as well as all of my previous activities.

On the website, I can also not access my activity details in the Activity Feed. The Timeline Graph states that the activity has no .fit data. However, I have all of my .fit files, and they all uploaded to Strava just fine.

** big thread on this here **

I deleted the app and reinstalled and same thing. I can’t load any activity data - not just mine

Same here, did exactly as Federico

Same here. Also didn’t send to Strava. Additionally can’t log into Zwift Dashboard.

Update - Ride On’s are working again, and the Activity Feed should be displaying properly, but Activity Details are temporarily disabled. We’ll provide more information as it’s available.
Apr 3, 19:53 UTC


Would it be so hard to display that text in ZCA instead of the generic oops message?

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Same with my ride this morning. I can’t access my activities, it didnt sync to strava, and Zwift’s phone lines say they are overloaded with calls. This was only 3rd ride with Zwift and after numerous technical issues I’m about ready to call it quits on their 30 day trial.

Today I cannot view my activities details… Have you more information for load its…? or you will lost this details…

Same here. First day paying for Zwift and my activity did upload, so I can’t see any stats on a Crit race, don’t get the jersey for finishing and … just disappointed :disappointed: