Activity completed but details can't be loaded

yesterday I did TDZ Stage 8. Made a picture (with Companion) when I pressed the finish line. Picture doesn’t show up on my harddrive. In Zwift the activity shows as 21,2km in 40 minutes but with a Watopia-like map whereas I did Paris.
In Companion it says 21,2km in 45 minutes, but when I click on it it says ‘Activity details can not be loaded’.

Found the fitfile for the activity. Uploaded it to Garmin Connect and Strava showing that it was 23,3km in about 44 minutes.There is also an inProgressActivity fit-file which has a timestamp of 4 minutes prior than the fitfile uploaded to Strava/GC.
Zwiftpower shows also my ranking and a slightly different time.

Can you fix this? Thanx in advance.

Sounds like you had (multiple?) connectivity issues.

From what you wrote I understand the ride is nowhere to be found on your Zwift feed, which indicates the ride’s FIT file did not upload.

Most times, this means the ride is lost to Zwift. I am yet to find anyone who’s ride was restored under such conditions.


Hmm… no issues actually during the ride.
Activity is shown but when I click on it it’s loading inifinitely. Unfortunately I can’t post the link.

Thought to restart Zwift on the laptop after making a copy of the inactivityprogress fitfile. New fitfile comes. Quit but feed still doesn’t show the correct data. And in Zwift TDZ Stage 8 hasn’t a tick. :frowning:

A clear indication of corrupt FIT file upload.

You might want to contact Zwift support (but don’t set your hopes on Zwift restoring it…)

I did. The fitfile seems to be OK as I could successfully upload it to Garmin en Strava. It’s no real big deal then.

FIT file may be OK, But that does not guarantee it uploaded correctly, or correctly handled.