Epic "Event" Fail...Haute Route not saved: **UPDATE: This server issue has been resolved.**

Just finished the 9am EST Haute route… was looking forward to this for weeks. App froze when saving event. Nothing showing up in companion app or Strava. Didn’t even get credit for 155 mile mission! Not a great time for a Zwift fail😞

Same here :frowning:

The ride doesn’t show up in the activity tab, neither does it in Strava.
No chance to at least export the fit-File to manually add it later on.
Same thing happend yesterday on the Cavendish-Ride.
Seems like Zwift got major problems with huge events, maybe they shouldn’t offer them then.

Specially frustrating on te Haute Route Course, since they are not really repeatable once you’ve done them. Can’t imaging doing a second one today, and them maybe two tomorrow cause it ddin’t save again -.-

BTW: Both Client and Companion are up-to-date, even useda VPN to avoid problems with Deutsche Telekom.


Mine doesn’t show up yet either but there is still hope: There were so many riders that our rides may still be waiting in a queue to be processed. Give it an hour or two and see what happens.

Those enormous events bring every tech platform to it’s max capacity.
edit: I also used a VPN because of Deutsche Telekom (from login to finish, didn’t change back while in-game).

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same here, nothing in companion app, website or strava. seems like it is gone. They seem to be having a lot troubles with the load even though they claimed to have tested for much greater numbers. I call BS.

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Same here!

I see a bit of the event on the Activities - Home section of Companion app. But nothing when I tab it.

What an epic fail! Great timing.

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Same here. Nothing on Strava. On companion app but not showing as Haute Route and can’t open. Hopefully will be sorted out…

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Give it same time to process :slight_smile:

Just finished my ride and nothing in activity tab and nothing in strava…

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I’m having the same issue with my ride this morning, and it wasn’t even an event. I did the volcano climb route, completed the route, set a PR for the climb portion… now the companion app doesn’t show my entire ride, and nothing has saved to Garmin or Strava.

The iPad app froze on upload and the ride not showing up for me either. It’s infuriating they can’t get this essential functionality to work.

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Same here, any update from Zwift Support?

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I have the same problem.

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Same for me. App shows an incomplete ride (40km), no export to strava or zwift power. People i follow finishing 30 mins after me and i can see their ride under the Haute Route Watopia. Clearly, there’s a problem.
The ride went through though and showed me in the leaderboards, went back to title after saving.

Good morning, for 15 days no more cyclist points, drop points and total km have been updated. The activities are all saved correctly but the rest are not …

Hi @Luca_Dosselli

Check if your Zwift app is on the latest version, you may need to manual update if using Apple TV or Apple telephone.

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Yes that is the latest.

this is strange.

i use zwift on pc and companion on android. but I have now lost 400 km, I don’t know how many in altitude. I have had zwift since October, if I go to the statistics only in March I have done 764 km. If I go to the general ones it marks me 1011 km. In addition, I always lose the medals of the paths and goals that I achieve.

That sound like the same setup that I use.

How do you save/end your rides?

From zwift on the PC I stop, I click on the menu, end pedaling save and share on garmin and the program ends after 2 or 3 minutes

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