I would like to ride the Haute Route event, but the game engine makes it physically impossible

I Zwift on a LG V30+, and while it’s not a PC, it is a flagship phone. Today at 9, as soon as the timer hit 0, and the event started, the game dropped to 1 frame every 10 seconds or so. I tried to sit it out until the bulk of the riders had passed, but that didn’t work either. Exiting and returning to the world, I wasn’t presented with an option to rejoin the ride where i’d left off. So, yeah, cool you’re having events, but if they’re completely unridable, what’s the point?

Same problem here, I have been frozen in place on the first KoM climb for 15 minutes. I love Zwift but this is a major frustrating screw up not scheduling enough Haute rides throughout the day. I scheduled off work for this ride. The game simply cannot handle anything close to 6387 riders at once.

If I log out of the program can I get back into the ride? Will waiting on the side of the load eventually clear away the lag so I can ride?

Please schedule more ride times for stage 2 and 3.


I’m really confused, it asked me if I wanted to start the event and then nothing ended up riding round Watopia… Anyone know what I did wrong?


With that may riders your telephone may have a hard time keeping track of all of them and to render them.

Sunday there were over 28,000 riders riding on zwift, it is not a game limitation but more a hardware issue.


Hi @Jonathan_Shergold

Can you give more information, how did it ask you “if you wanted to start” were you riding at that time?

If I use a laptop rather than a smart phone will that work better? If I log out on my phone can I get back into the ride on my laptop? I have been stuck in place on this 1st climb almost an hour now.

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Laptop will be a much better experience than the phone as long as its not a super old laptop

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Cool. Then I guess you need to put a slider in game that limits drawn objects.

I don’t think that will work.

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Zwift already limit the amount of riders on screen to only 100.

I think Zwift should rethink the minimum system requirements and move it up.


This is clearly not the case. I have ridden in 1000 person rides (tour of Innsbruck) and it was a smooth experience the entire time. There was never a point in the ride where the road in front and behind me was not completely full of riders. There is either a server or client side issue with very large rides that needs to be addressed here.


Today i did the stage one the three sister , and i did not Show on badges that i achieved the ruote.

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That is likely an issue of lead-in. If the race paddocks dump you out after the conventional start of the route, it wouldn’t count the route as complete, because you “didn’t start it from the beginning”. Solution would be to put the actual start after the race paddock entry point, and have everything prior to that be lead-in.

Haute route event stage 1

If all else fails, you could turn off the phone’s wifi connectivity. This should let you ride around by yourself, with no other riders in Zwift. When you reconnect, everyone should pop back on, just like after a normal drop out.
Pretty lonely, you get no drafting effect and it misses the point of a group event, but at least you could ride the course. Maybe restore wifi after 20mins, assuming the riders will have spread out by then.

Ultimately, the issue is a lack of hardware on your end. FWIW a 3 year old iPad handled the 10,00 riders on the Andre Greipel ride ok (though you could tell it was working hard from the speed the battery drained).

It would be pretty awesome if zwift could throttle the number of riders each type of device renders. Or if there was a list of devices and number of riders in event before performance sucks. Maybe you could speak to Zwift Insider to see if they could host a crowd-sourced resource like this?

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Speculating wildly: could this have something to do with fixing the fence functionality, that the code calculating the positions of nearby riders has been made computationally even more expensive. See also Zwift on PC graphics stutter last two days

NEAT! That’s the kind of stuff that will have me dropping Zwift for TR. I truly don’t care about anyone I don’t know IRL in game. The world could be populated with CPU riders for all I care.

This afternoon, i’ll haul my entire gaming PC downstairs and see if it can handle group rides. I expect it should pull down at least 250 FPS. If it doesn’t, I guess this month will be my last on Zwift.


Look at this video clip you can see there is 6141 riders in Richmond. Now look at the top left where the Powerup circle is, see how the riders disappear those are outside of the 100 rider circle.

Now look at the mini Map (top right) see there is only a small blob of riders that is the 100 that is drawn. with over 6000 riders there should be many more on the mini map.

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Yeah, the rider position calculations will probably limit the FPS either way. As an experiment, you could try starting the event, disconnecting your internets (to remove other riders; of course you won’t be able to draft anyone that way) and reconnecting only when you get close to the finish.

There were 28,000 riders but not all in one event. There are limited events for Haute Route which causes too many people in one event. Zwift should not do this if it cannot handle this. And it is clear it cannot handle it with so many people getting kicked out of the event. Calling this a hardware issue is a cop out. We are using approved hardware and it is not working. It is frustrating and then being told it is our fault is even more frustrating.