I’ve seen an article yesterday about upcoming Tour De Zwift which suggests that these events are being purposely set up as rides NOT races.

PLEASE can this be reconsidered. The biggest series of the year should be able to be raced. (I had already requested a zwiftpower race league over a week ago…)

This is even more annoying given that the user interface is identical on group rides / races. You still get a position and everyone still rides hard so it really makes no sense at all. It does have the effect of depriving the zwiftpower community of the racing metrics that would otherwise be collected.

PLEASE zwift listen to the zwiftpower race community and set these up as a race and link them into a race league. This was in place prior to summer 2020 so is technically possible.

Already discussed, see

Slightly different. The point on that thread was about their race league. This is specifically about the concept of the stages being races at all.

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I have had a reply from the support team that they cannot confirm anything in relation to zwiftpower other than that they can’t immediately change anything.

ZWIFT is it possible to have a statement on the plans for zwiftpower? Will you be looking to fix, maintain and improve? Or are we kidding ourselves that the golden period is over and we will never experience them again.


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This giant event kicks off in 6 days, so it’s too late. I’ll pass along your request for 2022 Tour de Zwift.

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It was first mentioned two weeks ago.


Hi @shooj thanks for the reply.
@Dave_ZPCMR is exactly correct it was mentioned the day of the news release. I put it on the forum ELEVEN days ago.

It’s really hard not get get angry with Zwift. I did everything right. I used the forums and contacted the support team. I and others have made perfectly reasonable requests related to functionality that is/was in place. All we have asked is that there is some consistency these events are set up.

Should we give up on zwiftpower? Was it a product of its time and something we should move on from? How do we fill the void?

Back to the request. I don’t believe that changing tour de zwift to a race is anything more than a simple toggle of a setting. As there are still several days before stage one starts this could easily be changed IF there was a desire to do so.

Please be honest with us about zwiftpower.


Is this what you mean?
2020 Tour de Zwift Results
This is the link to the race results.
Maybe James Hodges could shed some light on the subject?

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Um, no.

It may not be clear to you how much lead time it takes to pull off an event of this size.
There are dozens of people behind the scenes who’ve been working on TdZ for 4 or 5 MONTHS now.

Once this TdZ is over, we’ll have meetings about how we can improve for next year, and I will present your idea for the 2022 edition.

So that’s 4-5 months of prep without even considering ZwiftPower or what the racing community may want from this event. At least we know now how little it matters.


Thanks @shooj

I don’t underestimate the amount of prep, all I am saying is that at the point the event is created the team must surely have the option to choose ride or race. As a user the interface is basically identical so it’s not a fundamental change. This is not about the planning its about which tick box you check.

This is a real miss by zwift.

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Zwift have promoted this as a ride not a race, so changing it last minute would alienate the larger segment of Zwifters aiming to complete the event at a more casual pace. Yes, everything in Zwift is generally a race anyway :slight_smile:

A cumulative time based league however is trivial to set up. It may need manual tinkering due to the sheer number of riders. Its existence would not negatively impact the tdz or require any changes.


Great find @Zee_Kryder

There were a couple of versions this was a points based system on another occasion there was one based on time.

Both were good systems and enhanced the experience of the tour.

Glad that you found the example so that @shooj and the team have something to work with.


Haven’t official Zwift tours like this always been “it’s a ride not a race” races?

From the Tour of NYC:

Only if you want it to be. Sure, some folks will want to see where they stack up. But everyone is invited to pedal at their own pace. Find a pack, draft your buddies (or drop them), and keep your eyes on the screen. There’s plenty to see on this tour!

I don’t understand why this particular event needed to be different. I don’t understand how a bunch of people 4 or 5 months ago sat around a table in a meeting and said, nope, going to change it to a ride because apparently that’s what everyone has been asking for.

Does Zwift seriously think these rides are going to be run any differently to any of the other tours before hand? Make no mistake, it’s going to be an “it’s a ride not a race” race just like every other tour before it. The only difference is there won’t be a finishing list and no results on ZwiftPower. #TopmindsofZwift


Any news on this?

ZwiftPower[quote=“Dave_ZPCMR, post:10, topic:523777, full:true”]
So that’s 4-5 months of prep without even considering ZwiftPower or what the racing community may want from this event. At least we know now how little it matters.

It also would only require a bit of finesse to form a ZP GC League like last year. Compare that to the money they spent to create a ten minute video with various stars just to advertise a “group ride”. Frustrating. At least let us have the annual Tour for some winter competition please.

Anyone feel like starting an 8 stage manual time upload?

What if you created a team on Zwiftpower and invited everyone to join, would that be a workaround?


When you consider what the community are doing on RGT regarding their multi-stage tours you really have to wonder what those dozens of people have been doing for the last few months!

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