Tour de Zwift 2021 - Zwift racing at its best

What are your thoughts on this year’s Tour de Zwift format?

Personally, I’m having an absolute blast.

No magic numbers that everyone’s trying to sandbag under.
No pretend trophies to fight over in the middle of the pack (bcos lets face it, if ur not the best in the world, who cares).
It’s just you and your fellow avatars beside you, in front of you & behind you, battling for virtual GLORY.

Group ur with riding too hot for you to handle? Just ease off and 10sec later you got another group going at the pace just right for you.
Group ur riding with a bunch of slackers? Get out the saddle on the next kicker and #sendit until you hit the next bunch ahead.
KOM segment? Sprint segment? Whatever floats ur boat, take a smash at it, there’ll be tonnes of riders around to take the headwind for you.
Final 1km? Time to start winding it up (or earlier if that’s ur thing…!)
Want to have a chilled one and a chat? No worries, tonnes of other riders doing just that.

This is Zwift racing as it’s MEANT to be, and it’s bloody brilliant ! :smiley:

racing? I thought they were group rides

not that you can’t race a group ride though

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I agree with the OP.
All my races are like that because I’m never in the lead group anyway.
I was wondering if the other guys in the group were A/B/C/D but the fun was still there.

Hi Ben,
totally agree.
Another option is to start at the back and see how many places you can make up,
rounding up a posse of Zwifters as you go.
The Zwift Tour series are totally the best.

Sarcasm? It is awful at best. At least Zwiftpower is running but no gc results. Very sad.

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I’m enjoying the rides, but the more I get into racing and the more I learn, the more I realize how awful the zwift drafting algorithm is. I don’t understand why so many people spend thousands of dollars on trainers to simulate real life rides, only to have Zwift come up with something so unrealistic. I do love the individual rides and workouts, but the only thing keeping me here instead of RGT is that I have a wheel on trainer and no power meter. Can anyone give a rationale reason why Zwift’s entire platform is based on faulty mechanics?

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Mostly the best group rides I’ve done in a long time. :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With a wheel on trainer and no power meter how have you decided that the issue is with zwift and not due to your setup?

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I have a kinetic road machine with an inride sensor that registers as a power meter and has shown to be accurate based on several articles I’ve read as well as individual riders that dual record with a power meter and have similar data. It’s already a well known fact that zwift’s drafting algorithm is nonsense. There are several articles and youtube videos on the matter, including some from zwiftinsider. A direct drive trainer would make my ride more enjoyable on Zwift, but far more enjoyable on other platforms where the draft is more realistic and suitable to my goal of starting to race as a Cat 5 once my FTP increases a bit more.