ZRacing Monthly series

Great - thanks Zwift for setting up this monthly series.


+unneeded text to allow me to send this :confused:


Was there an issue with races starting yesterday on 5th, but the challenge being set up to recognise events only from 6th onwards? I raced yesterday - challenge shows 0/4 events completed.

Yep, going to get them backdated in the next 24 hours or so.

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Should be backdated now!

Thanks - still 0 / 4 for me but maybe will take a while to update?

Let me know if it’s still not playing and we’ll do yours individually.

Thanks James - still not registering here

Thanks, leave it with me

@James_Zwift how is there like 3 guys with 2 races done ? ZwiftPower - Login

I know, I’m trying to understand it but drawing blanks currently.

Good job no-one noticed that ZPower & No HRM riders haven’t been removed.


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they did two races and it counted as separate events. unless you mean from a programmer’s point of view, in which case i dunno. but i had a pretty sick myspace layout when i was a kid so i know how to copy and paste html though, let me know if you need a cool border around something or a ■■■■■■■ annoying confetti .gif overlay on the event page

hi @S_A_Cestria_CC i did 2 races it only show up as 1 race , it take the best time.

I know that :joy:

But there are rules in place to only count one event that has the same name. So if you did Stage 1 20 times, it should only count your fastest event.

However, I think I’ve fixed it.

I hope your MySpace page had some lovely music playing :slight_smile:

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oh it looks like its fixed anyway. thank god i was here to help


Couldn’t have done it without you :heart:

Hi James, I too did Stage 1 on 5th September but it is still showing as 0/4 completed. Are you able to look into it?


Hi @James_Zwift

For what its worth, I completed Stage 1 yesterday (5 September) and its showing correctly within Zwift as 1/4 Group Rides and Races 25% Complete.


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Hi @James_Zwift still 0/4 - I’ll have to race it again unless there’s a fix?!