Zwift TT Club Racing Series / Circles


First time poster on here only found it after emailing Zwift.
I raced in the above event last night, the result of the race is on ZP but my GC ranking /score only shows me as having completed 2 races…I have completed 3?
No idea who to ask to fix this or look at but I have emailed Zwift and also thought I would try on here for may help

Hi James,

I have to update the series manually and I was asleep when you posted.

The series should be updated now - give me a shout if you’re still having problems.

Just noticed you just posted :slight_smile:

I updated them about 20 minutes ago.

That’s it updated, thank you , apologies I thought it was system error, you are absolutely entitled to sleep!
Never knew there was an actual person behind it, every day is a school day!

I generally look after the Events & ZP side of things for all Zwift owend racing series (except ZRL).

Give me a nudge if you spot anything.