ZESP: Zwiftpower event results not matching Zwift results

Hi all, I noticed the results listed on Zwiftpower, for the ZESP “Ardillas” event today 19.20h CET (I’m ranked 3rd B) are different from the ones listed on the Zwift app (I’m ranked 1st B). How can this be fixed? Thanks!

Zwiftpower results arent finalised yet so wait till they are. I think you will see the ZP results line up to the CA at that point based on ZP live and unfiltered times.

Thanks! How long does that finalising of results normally take? Can you see in some way on ZP that they’re finalised?

Normally its up to a few hours after the event but officially Zwift say wait something like 6 hours. Ranking is normally another small bunch of hours on top of the finalisation (if thats of interest to you).

Yes, the green lightning bolts against everyone’s “Avg” power indicate interim results and they turn blue once finalised. A few people will stay green if they have their profiles/events tagged as private.

Super, all clear!

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They are finalised now but the results didnt change which has me a bit stumped. Points based races have similar hallmarks as to what I am seeing but the description doesnt mention points/sprints etc.

I checked the First Over the Line and Fastest and both have the Rory and David ahead of you, suggesting that one or the other was actually configured in that event (but maybe accidental).

I’d suggest you hit up the Zesp team on the links provided in the event description as they may have some ZP tools there end to tidyup results. They have had a couple of results that they needed to tidy up recently so hoping for your sake that this is one also.