Zwiftpower ranking points for event not working

Hello, since yesterday did a few races and noticed the zwiftpower ranking points are not present.

Looked at other events from today and yesterday and they have the same problem.

Can someone shed a light on this ?

Same for me. 7 races without ranking working. Including some with great rankings.

@James_Zwift this has been picked up on 2 or 3 other threads. Looks like ZwiftPower has paused processing result ranking points at around 18:30 uk time on Thursday evening. (18:30 Stage 4b, Race Like a Champ processed nothing since)

I think I saw something similar a week or so ago. Is this pause planned or is something hanging until someone is able to start it up again.


EDIT : Appreciate this may be a USA issue to resolve but imagine somebody must be working through the night on support.

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I saw this in another post, should be fixed now.

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