Zracing Monthly July series

In the description of the events it talk about Racing Score, see the copy/paste:

Welcome to the July ZRacing Monthly Series!

Racing Score is here! Starting July 3, all Beach Party ZMonthy Racing Events will count towards your Racing Score progression. Jump into these races and see how your Racing Score changes. With events on all week at regular intervals throughout July, there are many opportunities to race again, to perfect and improve your score!

More information on how Racing Score works and the benefits it can bring to your racing experience can be found here - http s://support.zwift.com/en_us/zwift-racing-score-faq-BkG9_Rqrh"

But the link is broken or not activated, is it normal ?

Thank you

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I suspect you’ve spotted a “spoiler” before an official announcement. :wink:

I think someone from ZwiftHQ wrote about a surprise on Monday, didn’t say which Monday, might be something completely different.


The link should work later on today.

I publish the events in the morning (uk time) and the changes (including the link going live) should be today (pacific time).

Good spot though :slight_smile:

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Edit: The post is now live: Zwift Racing Score [July 2023]

Yep, as mentioned by James, the events are slightly ahead of the official post, which we’ll have soon for you to read through.

There is an FAQ link here for you if you’d like, but it won’t give you as much detail as we’ll have later today.

Originally, we planned to have it all release at the same hour, and we ran into a hiccup that we have to address with a last minute bit of work, so we hope to have something up in the next 30-60 minutes on the forum.


Just finished the first race. We had a racer that was using zpower. It is possible to setup the races in such a way that riders using zpower are not able to join the race?

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Yes it is possible.

Zwift wants zPower riders in their events. They tend to rise to the A category along with all the other people with wildly optimistic equipment. There are community events that have hardware requirements and won’t let riders in the pen without some kind of power meter. There is a companion app event filter for that. You can also use the ZwiftHacks events site to do the filtering.

I’ve had this in a couple of events recently, totally destroyed the field on Box Hill. If these are the only events being used for the Racing Score then surely heart rate and smart trainer/ power meter should be the minimum

Just another flaw with Zwift Racing Score to add to the pile. :rofl:

Any chance could we get a recurring ZRacing race on either Wednesday evening or Thursday evening?

Timing around where there SISU race (7pm GMT) - I think this would be a great way to get more people racing for those precious rank then add nathan and dave will turn it into a big bunch

I’m not sure if missing anything but the events are 10min past the hour almost every hour and killing 99% of Community races. All events are scored into a single GC that makes races pretty much uneven if you are not in a PRIME Time slot with 50+ Groups.

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I just checked tomorrow there is only 6:10(18:10 gmt) 9:10(21:10gmt) then in the afternoon
I am not asking for multiple events rather one which will attract the best quality field weekly to promote Zwift racing and a platform to new talent to be recognized and grow this part that we all love
Bonus we now include new Zwift race points

This are CEST Times that is GMT +2

Can someone help me understand how the top 2 riders aren’t DQ’d from the D race I raced last night?


2.7 is touch and go and may still be classified as a D. Top one probably got upgraded but was racing the “correct” category at the time.

We don’t manually DQ riders in this series.

I thought upper limit for D was 2.5

zFTP of 2.625 is the upper limit.

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There is no DQ’s anymore cause of Category Enforcement…they will be upgraded after the race but result will stand.

I’m not a fan of this. These riders still blow up races and ruin it for others.

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That makes 2 of us.

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