ZRacing Monthly series

As long as you definitely finished the event, don’t worry about it.

If i have to I’ll assign you the badge myself.


Hi @James_Zwift - A few of us SDW are showing in race results but not in series results even from efforts a few days ago despite being in cat, with HRM, etc. Also we seem to have lost the Team classification feature in ZP which we were looking forward to using for a couple of side comps with other teams. Any insights? Thanks

I have to update Friday through Sunday today.

I can add a team classification back in.

Brilliant - thanks James. Hadn’t appreciated updates were reliant on your manual intervention. Busy time for you I’m sure. Cheers

An 800 event mistake I probably won’t make again any time soon.


Hi James - Is it possible to add in ZP a way to see all riders times for a particular stage with usual ability to filter by cat and club ie across all events within a stage? OR is this something I am overlooking that can be done already?

Yes. This is possible.

But I’d have to create another 4 leagues and add in every single event for that league and remember to update them.

Aha. A luxury, not a necessity - we will work with what we’ve got. Thanks as always.

@James_Zwift anyway you could help me out? I did Stage 3 yesterday but upon logging in today it still only shows 50%. I completed Stage 1 on 9/6 (Zwift Activity# 1162544721231364096), Stage 2 on 9/13 (Zwift Activity# 1167617930033135616) and Stage 3 on 9/25 (Zwift Activity# 1176253755385987072). I ride on a KICKR and wear a HRM strap. I’m a nothing special, middle of the pack Cat B rider and was really just doing it for the badge.

It won’t let me post links so I just put the activity numbers and it should be easy to create the URLs.

EDIT: It looks like my Stage 2 ride didn’t go over to Zwift Power, could that be the issue? Rather, it’s showing up as an activity in Zwift Power but nowhere else? As far as I can tell the data looks fine (again I’m nothing special) and the activity even has the “Finished Event” achievement listed.

I’ve tried adding it, let me know if it doesn’t show up in 24 hours and I’ll find someone that knows what they’re doing.

@James_Zwift it’s still only showing 50%

Your stage 2 ride appears to have a data error - when you look at the activity in Companion App, you are not listed in the race results, unlike others. That’s the first hint. The second is that ZP only clocked 21km of your ride (should have been 23km’s I think) so has put you in the non-finishers section of that event. All very typical of a data network issue between you and Zwift somewhere.

Not sure if ticking the badge/progress box is tied to your Zwift data but thought I’d explain the likely root cause of Stage 2 missing in ZP.

Same issue for me

Despite giving support all the details and screenshots for the events they have now just asked me what event this is and what badge is missing!

Interesting, I see that now. When I finished I showed up on the leaderboard. I definitely went all the way and my activity shows that.

Yeah I’ve no doubts that you did the full ride and plenty of evidence in your live data to demonstrate this. Hopefully its a one-off for you.

I’ve finished stage/week 1 and 4 — will there be a “day of all stages”…?? So I race and get those I’m missing…


I don’t think there are any makeups, the next series of races for October starts right away next week.

@James_Zwift any ideas/help on this or am I just SOL? It apparently doesn’t think I completed Stage 2 but obviously I did, even one of the automatic screenshots is of the leaderboard loading at the finish…

EDIT: I did the 4th stage today so now just stuck at 75% because of my Stage 2.

@James_Zwift so I did the 4th stage of Sept racing today, only registered the last 3 under the event series, like lots of folks. Did you manage to find a fix? Thanks