Can't get the basics right

This isn’t a vent, just an observation of why zwift frustrates people. Can’t get the basics right.

I’m doing the monthly race series. Do 4 events…get a badge. I’m not even bothered about the badge btw!

So I’ve entered 4 events…5th, 13th, 20th and 27th September. All in my activity feed…all showing in zwift power (on my profile and the GC standings)

However, on the event overview on the homescreen…75% complete…3 out of 4 events!

But this is where it gets frustrating. E-mailed support… Gave details of the events I’ve done. Had to email them 3 times… They’ve now come back to me and asked for screenshots of the activities!

Why doesn’t it register I’ve completed 4 of the events when they are all in my activity list and all on zwiftpower.

Why can’t they check my activity list instead of me having to send screenshots!

It really frustrates me that zwift can’t get these basics right after all this time. Not that I went a badge or anything like that but just winds me up how bad they are at these kinds of things.