Am I doing Zwift wrong?

So, the ToW scheduling kerfuffle, and this official response, got me thinking…

I’m level 26, and have been on Zwift for something like 2 years. I don’t think I’ve ever done a group ride or event that wasn’t an official Zwift tour or pro ride along.

This is actually the first time I’ve logged into the website, and the forums don’t really seem to move very fast unless there is a bug/controversy (from the standpoint of an anonymous lurker).

The game chat, mostly, seems desolate in evenings PST.

I enjoy Zwift, and I don’t mind “soloing” but I’m starting to wonder: Am I doing it wrong?

I come from an MMO gaming background, where there were always certain zones with lively in-game chat, which drove event participation, which then drove guild recruitment, etc. However, I never see anything like this to drive the community events that are supposedly the “life and soul” of the calendar.

Where is this community organizing? How would someone even know about something that is so integral to the fabric of Zwift that the company itself is trying to schedule around it?

I don’t want this to turn into another scheduling thread, I am just genuinely interested about something that has apparently been invisible to me for this whole time.

Hi @Waldo_Jacobs: I find this post very interesting. Being on Zwift from the beginning (just after Beta) I found the community the thing that kept me interested and motivated me.

Most communities are on Facebook (I don’t like FB but that is another story). How did I find out about these groups? I started joining group events in my normal training timeslot (early morning) I found groups that had similar interests and riding style, as we spend more time together I found there websites and FB pages.

A Lot of groups uses Discord (voice chat) during rides and that give another dimension to group rides.

Some groups have dedicated training programs that they do together.

Same here. I ride with the same groups - DIRT, USMES, AHDR, etc. you learn the people and they become the community. I do not find that when riding solo.

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Good question. I’ve been Zwifting for three years, and I still haven’t seen any signs of this community. In part, apparently, that’s because I refuse to join Facebook.

If the community is that important, Zwift should have more tools for growing and supporting it.


I don’t do FB, so no idea what is there or not there with regards to Zwift.

However, if you do the same group rides often enough, they will become the “community” you are looking for. All you have to do is show up regularly, listen in to the chat, join in on the chat, etc… People will share all kinds of info. I’ve had chats about trainers, newborns, food, travel, business trips, etc… If you go missing for a week or two, you will be noticed and greeted when you return.

Races are completely different story. The regulars all remember each other, but chat is usually quite limited. After all, it’s a race and you are probably too busy sucking wind to be texting and chatting.


Sounds like you’re looking for groups that use Discord. Voice chat during events, message board before / after. The group (club?) “ZHR” uses it a lot, I’m sure others do too.

Interesting responses.

So how did you all originally find out about DIRT, ZHR, AHDR, etc?

Is it all just organized on Facebook or Discord and totally absent in-game outside of people who stumble into events as randoms (to borrow again from MMO parlance)?

Signed up for races based on times / courses etc that suited me. After a while you tend to recognise the different groups based on how much you enjoyed the event, so then look out for those groups again. Discord I only found about through the event info / preamble.

I would say just sign up for races or group rides during times that fit your schedule.

Check the events calendar in the Companion App and join anything.

Personally, joining group rides and being involved in the ‘community’ has elevated my whole zwift experience.

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Is there a beginner guide to using Discord on Zwift? I’m new to Zwift, just created a Discord but have no idea how to use it… not much on here to get started.

Compliments of @Eric_Schlange_ZI:

Also, many group rides will include a Discord channel link in their ride description.