Tour de Zwift Stage 1 glitchy?

I did a 10 mile warmup on Watopia and then headed over to the 12 noon EST stage 1 coral. Everything seemed fine but when the stage started it was choppy (even the clock was choppy). I force quit the stage as it was not responding to quitting the stage about 10 minutes in but the time showing before quitting was about a third of the time/distance travelled. Any one else have issues today?

I completed the 8pm EST A ride with no issues. I did nothing in between other than verifying that both the Zwift companion and Apple TV (4th gen) Zwift app are up to date, they are.

Same here, peddled for 25 minutes real time, clock said 11, the mileage was also right for 11 minutes. Zwift you got this event wrong, there should have been a limit per session :frowning:


Hi @Steven_Shannon

Look at your logs in What is your FPS in a normal ride compared to this event?

Same here. Was all warmed up & ready to go. Time, distance and graphics lagged and scrambled. Gave up after 10 mins of not improving. Had to force quit to get out.

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I tried it for 15 minutes, but no chance, no longer made sense. Zwift stopped responding and I couldn’t save or quitt. What a shame :tired_face:

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Hi Gerrie,

I use Apple TV and do not have any data from the ride. There was clearly something wonky with todays TdZ stage 1. I have been around since Jarvis Island and this is the first time that I have seen a glitch like this. The other odd thing is that the few times I have had Zwift crash, it prompts if I want to save the previous session. Nada.

Based on the responses it seems clear to be on the Zwift end imo. I say this due to no issues on my warm up on Watopia nor any issues in the start pen (clock countdown etc). Only once the stage began there was a clear issue.


same. it’s always terrible with loads of riders in an event - today there was 12000 on the event on a 12km course - it was always going to be terrible.

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This was a complete gong show. I rode for 1:20min at 44kmh. My computer that has a dedicated gpu ran at less than 1 fps. Zwift thought I had only rode for 15 min. I ended up having to restart my computer to get it to close zwift. My phone that runs companion app also froze and couldn’t do anything.

I was putting down about 3-3.5wpkg the whole time, constantly passing people, but my position only got worse and worse.

You guys can do better than this. Disappointed.


Same here. A stop-motion movie is running better than todays TdZ. :-1:

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Same here. Literally a slide show with a clock doing about half the time. Finally gave up and had to force shutdown the program. Extremely disappointing. Hope they figure this out.

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While I realize that there are clearly things Zwift could do better to manage events of this size, I do also wonder why do many people choose to do the event on the very first day, at a time in th early evening hours for Europe (which, if I remember correctly from a recent Eric Min interview, is where most Zwifters reside). Why not wait a day or two instead of signing up for a time that has thousands of people?

Most likely because they promoted it to us and got us hyped up for it. So we dedicated time out of our busy days to see what it was all about.


While I agree with the start of your comment (ie this is not intended to be a Zwift bashing thread) I would say ■■■■ happens. It is not a matter of ignoring the first few sessions of an event. The pandemic has certainly boosted the numbers and this is the first time that it was not my set up that had some part of the blame. Just wanted to confirm others saw what I experienced.

As for why I chose to ride on the first session, the time worked for me.


Which GPU?

Just a GTX 960, but still plenty powerful enough for zwift. After restarting my computer and joining back into a freeride it was running fine again. The problem seemed to be some sort of time glitch. My cpu(core i5) was only running at about 70-90% in task manager during. Gpu also wasnt getting hot like it normally does.

A GTX 960 should be fine, what CPU do you have? In a group event, GPU becomes basically irrelevant in Zwift.

I wonder if it wasn’t just caused by lack of communication to the zwift servers. The polling rate seemed to drop to once every couple seconds.

Seriously, absolute overload after 45min in the tour it still showed 15min on screen, every 2 seconds one picture, unable to quit event, and chaos on screen. If Zwift can’t handle about 12000 riders in one event, limit it to the amount it can handle, first in first served. It is more than annoying (filtered version), it’s always the same first ride on a big tour is a disaster because of big turn out, I’m not your Guinea Pick my time is valuable. Can’t be that hard to put a limit on numbers attending, or split start times. Not a happy camper.


I totally agree with not being their guinea pigs. We pay good money for zwift and I feel I’m always having problems. This could have been handled way better.


Signed up for the tour de Zwift ride today. The first one. What an absolute mess. Zwift if the system can’t handle that many riders please limit them. After 40 minutes by time showed only 22 and there was no video. Just a slide show. Bikes up in the air and riderless bikes. Finally after an hour I’d had enough. Tried to log out but was frozen. Finally had to shut down the computer. Love the tours you organize but this was a s…t show. Not a great start.