L'Etape 2020 - iOS crash

Just completed Stage 1 of the eagerly anticipated “Tour” and was left massively disappointed. I had thought all the stability issues had been resolved, but Zwift crashed me out at the beginning and the as I crossed the line happy that I had just completed Stage 1…crashed again.

Why bother putting on these events if you cannot handle them. I love Zwifting, but this just keeps happening. Over 6000 riders starting together has always been a problem.

No kit, no time and no fun when this happens.

Same thing happened to me, I got 3km to the end and the Zwift app froze, I carried on riding for a minute or two, but nothing happened. The app finally crashed and when I restarted, even though it recognised I was in a race, I was back to cycling on my own.
No jersey, no option to complete…really disappointing.

Thursday’s Black Sheep Chop race also crashed me out.

Rapidly losing faith in Zwift’s tech/stability

Be useful if people with issues note what platform they’re on, for the benefit of other Zwifters if nothing else.


Really disappointed, 2 times Zwift crashes and out of the race so DNF. Do something about it !

Crashed for me just as I’d slogged to the top of the mountain and reached the radio tower. When the app came back online I was at least in the same spot but out of the ride with my old kit etc. Don’t think I’ll bother with stage two.

Exactly the same for me Paul. Crashed three times on the start line then joined me with the group and seemed fine. Only to crash as I crossed the finish line and not recognise that I completed the event.
Running on iPad and this kind of thing only happens in large events

Same here - mine crashed at start - rejoined riders after 1.5 miles then crashed on finishing line. Repeated race at 10am exactly same thing happened. Very disappointed. Using iOS will send files. Hope you can fix. No point joining next stages if not. Thanks

For reference, no issues at all for me on PC (wrong jersey unlock aside). :+1:


Yep, me too. Kicked me out after about 30 seconds on the 10:00 ride. I tried again at 12:00, same thing happened. I rejoined after a minute or so (in about 2,500th place!), was fine after that and finished ok.
Using an iPad.
Wouldn’t it make sense to restricting the number of riders per race, and perhaps put more races on to compensate?

Seeing as we’re reporting bugs I just realised I didn’t get the TdF horn sounds that I’m seeing on the live stream of the women’s race. They were there when I first joined the event (trying to get a spot closer to the front :rofl:), but not when I later joined 5mins before the actual event start. Had the yellow thumbs and all the other added visuals, just not the sounds.

I rode L’Etape on iOS twice today. At 8am and 12noon on both occasions they crashed on the finish line. An event I did in between finished and saved ok. I managed to save the routes but the dotty socks I unlocked in the 8am event and the kit has not reached my garage. Any chance these can be added?
I have sent the log files

@Paul_Elliott_8271 @Rich_Smith1 in particular, but for others on this thread:
Question 1: Was Twitter running on your device?

Question 2: Did you use recall using a power up around the time of the crash?

Apart from Chrome and Zwift, no other apps running on my iPad

No power up at time of crash (although I could have done with one!)

Same issue for me. I’ll find this log and email it over.

No to both. Zwift was the only app running.

same issues for me, started stage 1 the app crashed in total 5 times within the first 15km. I will send the log files.

Question 1: Was Twitter running on your device? NO

Question 2: Did you use recall using a power up around the time of the crash? NO

Hi all. I rode this morning and Zwift crashed just as I passed the finish line (was the Etape Stage 1). If I look at my account I can see the ride in the feed with the correct time and distance, but when I try to view it I just get a loading symbol for ages. I can view older rides perfectly fine. It also didn’t upload to Strava, so I’m trying to download a .fit file and upload it over there, but because I can’t access the activity page I can’t do that. Support keep sending me the same cut-and-paste email suggesting I check I have enough storage space to download the .fit which is absolutely nothing to do with my actual problem. Can anyone offer advice? Here’s the ride:

Same here everyone, both at the started waiting and then as I passed the finish line. Zwift only app running. Dedicated device. Latest software. Zwift support as always “sorry…”. When I logged back in I was flying :joy: check out the Zwift Companion app screen shot


Oh and I forgot…then I get an email congratulating that I completed the ride, AND that I unlocked the kit we were all wearing in the ride, and to wear it with pride…what Kit? :man_shrugging:t3:…not in my collection. Useless.