Zwift crashed, and my ride only half exists. It's in ride limbo

Hi all. I rode this morning and Zwift crashed just as I passed the finish line (was the Etape Stage 1). If I look at my account I can see the ride in the feed with the correct time and distance, but when I try to view it I just get a loading symbol for ages. I can view older rides perfectly fine. It also didn’t upload to Strava, so I’m trying to download a .fit file and upload it over there, but because I can’t access the activity page I can’t do that. Support keep sending me the same cut-and-paste email suggesting I check I have enough storage space to download the .fit which is absolutely nothing to do with my actual problem. Can anyone offer advice? Here’s the ride:

See Locating Log Files.

Zwift is perfectly content keeping corrupt/partial/inaccessible data in one’s feed… this is a rather common occurrence.

And no, I don’t believe it has anything to do with disk space, driver version, state of the stars or the temperature in Antarctica. And although connectivity issues may be the direct cause, these issues can be addressed by software.


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