Zwift crashed and ride not saved - unable to email log file

(Using IOS on an Ipad)

Warmed up for about 20 minutes using the new pace bot feature before joining a race - after finishing the race i went to save the ride and a survey came up about the pace bot. Answered that then the ride crashed.

I’ve been able to recover crashed rides before - however while i can select the log and fit files the option to email them to myself isn’t appearing. On the companion app (most of) the race is showing but it is not titled just the date and when i click on it there are no details showing - no power, heart rate and so on.

I don’t know if related but the activity feed on the zwift website isn’t showing anything either - just a message saying ‘looks like you’re lost’

The issue reported by a bunch of people. Until its fixed:

  1. if you ride with a BOT, save ride immediately after that and exit Zwift before going into your event/race.
  2. your FIT file will likely be corrupt but if you grab it, you can fix it on and load it up to Strava, if you use that
  3. your Zwift “activity” will likely remain corrupt and not visible

I just re-read your post - I’m on WIN10 so its easy for me to locate FIT file. Sorry, cant help with your platform. And fairly sure you wont need your log file given this issue is hitting a bunch of us.

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Same thing happen to me last 2 days

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Same thing happened to me twice this week. I rode with a bot to warm up and then entered the ODivaZ ride on Monday night, and rode with a bot tonight and hopped into the AHDR group ride right after. When I finally save and exited (yes, I did get the bot survey) the app crashed. The short ride with the bot saved fine and uploaded to Strava, but the 1 hour session (both times) was corrupt.

Strangely enough Zwiftpower seems to have both hour group rides recorded properly, but the myzwift dot com does not. And neither does Strava. I found the non-corrupt .fit file and it’s the inprogressactivity fit file that works. The other one with just the date on it seem to be corrupt.

The annoying thing is that I’m doing the ride California Challenge and I was 83% complete after the ODivaZ ride. Then I saved and exited it, it crashed, and I’m back to 80% complete. The same thing tonight. After a 40km ride, I was back up to 83% complete in the challenge, but now I’ve dropped back down to 80%. I’m wondering if I’ve also lost 80km worth of XP too?

It sounds like riding with a bot first might be the problem. I’m just not going to do that in the future.

BTW, I’m running the latest Catalina OS 10.15.6 and the latest Zwift App.

Note, this “ride with pace partner followed by event” crash has been reproduced by the QA team. It was reported in another forum post, but I cannot put a link here, so search for a post titled “Pace Partner + Event causes crash”.

Thanks for the info, lost my last 2 race activities due to this, thought it might be the bots but wasn’t sure.