Zwift terminated 2min before end of ride, no credit

Disappointed that Zwift terminated just before the end of a ride and it doesn’t report that the ride even happened. It just happened about 5-10min ago. :frowning: I’ve never actually had Zwift terminate on me before (windows). Should I consider myself lucky? Anyway to get credit?

There is a 3.5mb dump file if ZHQ wants it (f6ab6f4c-70ce-4a8f-a9b0-bb2957fb7f8d.dmp), and

Sometimes the crashed ride will upload the next time you ride. Have you successfully completed another activity?

You can also contact support and tell them you want them to analyze the log file.

I haven’t. Next ride is tonight. I just sent them a request email, the log file that shows the crash and the in progress fit. Thanks.

Sometimes the Windows Event Viewer offers a clue as well. Sometimes it’s indecipherable though.

Zwift autosaves the in progress activity every ten minutes so worse case the fit file is 9min 59sec before the crash so you can normally recover most of the ride.
That said they are often corrupted to the point they can’t be used.