No credit for 36 hour ride

On Saturday and Sunday I completed a 36 hour charity ride on Zwift. I did 779 km of distance and 9163 meters of climbing. My event was mostly live-streamed on Facebook and I took many photographs of the progress along the way. On my Zwift stats it does not show that I have done any distance since Friday. On Zwift companion there is a strange ‘private’ reference to my ride but the distance and time are incorrect. I contacted Zwift support and they said that perhaps I didn’t end my ride correctly? (I have done over 300 hours on Zwift so I am not new to the platform - I believe I did everything correctly). Zwift sent me this response: “We really appreciate your awesome effort to ride for 36 hours! I really wish we had the ability to credit your account for the missing progress. Thank you and we appreciate your understanding. Have a great day!”

Any suggestions? This wasn’t merely a ride for me. This was a life event. I would like to see the progress in the platform that I have dedicated so much time to!

Oh, and one more thing but it doesn’t really matter since I have no credit for the ride… I signed up for the Uber Pretzel route at the start of my 779km journey and I got no credit for that route…

At the moment there is no way for you or Zwift to manually enter or even to upload a .fit file to their system.

Congrats on the monster ride though.

The missing badge for the Uber Pretzel is a know issue: Completed Uber Pretzel but did not get badge/XP

Huge ride - congrats.

If Zwift is showing part of your ride then its possible you have mulitple FIT files covering the 36hrs. If so, you might be able to “join” these and upload to Strava.

Given the event is private, it is likely that a FIT file is a bit corrupt, so that site can sometimes fix those problems too.

Thanks Paul, but I would respectfully disagree with your assessment that the badge not working is a “known issue.” A “known issue” is one that is proactively communicated to many users up-front, not one that is buried deep in a user forum, only to be found after the issue occurs. It would be a bit like you completing the Hoot Lake Triathlon only to be told afterwards that your results would not be recorded and there would be no public evidence that you ever did the event. But, hey, it was a known issue. Congratulations anyway, though.

I can only imagine how bumbed you are. I get upset when I lose a few miles because of my own inattention. Sorry that happened to you. Congratulations on you awesome accomplishment!!!

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Paul, I just reread this and realized it sounds a bit offensive. My apologies - that was not my intent. I was super frustrated when I got up this morning and realized I have no record in Zwift of having done this. I know that your congratulations was sincere - thank you! It means a lot coming from a triathlete!

Thanks Ed, I appreciate that! Zwift has reached out to me so hopefully they will be able to help.

It is a good point though @Neil_Martin_36_Hour - Zwift havent even listed the issue in their Known Issues section and as with a lot of other issues (serious or otherwise) that pop up and would maybe influence rider choices/decisions.

Dean, I looked at the tools… which would you recommend I use to try and fix the file? I have 2 fit files from the date of my ride

I’ve used the Peak Remover to fix in the past - I used variables that I knew wouldn’t impact the details (like 200HR given my max is 175).

Use File Combiner to join them

But note that Corrupt Time Fixer will probably work also.

I have only used the tools twice in the past so cant vouch for much knowledge in this area, but I see a lot of success with other people with FIT file issues and really hope it can work for you.

Wow, congratulations on that amazing ride! I hope that the FitFileTools can at least get you a record that you can upload into Strava.