Zwift road acadamy; za road race #2

Hi Everyone

Yesterday I competed ZA Road-Race #2 up the virtual Ventoux and totally turned myself inside out and yet it has not registered as one of my four rides…anyone any idea why this would be?

Comments appreciated


can zwift credit that missing ride? what do we do, its one tough race.

mine was also not credited, i have the data on strava, garmin, and companion

It is a bit ahoying. I will try contacting Zwift to see if I can mine credited. I know it is undergoing scheduled maintenance so that could be a reason maybe. They do have an online chat link on Contact Us and you can talk to someone online…maybe give that a try

copy that, tnxs

I’ve had exactly the same issue

Seems like a lot of people are having the same issue, hopefully they are aware of it

Hi snap me too in the woman’s event only went up that climb 4 the bike lol I have emailed zwift also no credit for my last workout number 4🙄

Zwift will credit your accounts with the completed rides. They are currently working on a fix and there’s no need to do anything further.

Also had the same problem with the road ride 2 not the race also no reply tells me on companion I have completed it.

Email Zwift and they credited my ride on Race #2…took them about a week

If you haven’t had your ride credited, please email me with your Zwift ID, the type of ZA event and the date you completed and I will check up on your credit request.

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