Zwift Academy Race #2

Is this the only weekend that Race #2 will be running? I did it yesterday but the Zwift upload failed so it hasn’t been credited. Strange as I uploaded the file manually to Strava with no issues whatsoever.

We assume there will be a rotation with race 2 repeating after segment 2, race 1, and segment 1 before race 2. That could mean the last week of the Academy.

If it uploaded to Strava, you should be able to upload to Today’s Plan for evaluation for top honors if the contract is your goal.

Adam…I did Race #2 and it did not upload either…I will be trying to contact Zwift…I turned myself inside out and do not want to do it again…on the Contact Us page you can go online in and chat to someone at Zwift in real time…let me know how go get on…email me at

Hi Phil

I tried to contact via the chat function but it wouldn’t open. I have sent an email. Let me know if you have any joy please. I will probably give Race #2 another bash when it comes round again - hoping that @Zee_Kryder’s theory is correct!


Hi Adam

Had quite a few people with same issue on same race…I think they maybe have a server issue…I wonder if it these events will be registered once their server maintenance tomorrow is completed… probably quite a few who do not realise or registered their issue. I have emailed too. Supposed to get a response within 30 mins and nothing 6 hours later

I had this issue too, except my Companion app now thinks I’ve completed the race (Ie it says I’ve completed 3 out of 4 group rides or races) whilst not crediting it to my % complete. It seemed to have worked fine till I restarted Zwift and said yes when asked if I wanted to continue where the game had crashed after the race, at which point it seems to have overwritten something somewhere. I’ve emailed support too, no reply yet though.

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Race #2 is scheduled this weekend.
Check out the ‘Academy’ under “filter” for this link:

Segment #2 is also scheduled this weekend. It’s the toughest challenge yet.