ZA run academy - race not credited

Hi all ,

I’ve just done my second Zwift academy run race , 5.10am UK time and I’m not too sure why but it didn’t get credited into my account.

It still says I have a race/group run outstanding.

It comes up under my history, and all my other races / workouts got credited straight away.

Did anyone had this happens ?

Thank you so much.

Is it reporting the same on the in game counter as well as the companion app?

Hi ,

Yes it’s the same at both places.
I’ve logged on and off a few times and it still didn’t update.

There have been some issues with all the activities in ZA being captured. I had a group run not recorded but simply did another.
I appreciate the Tri ones are harder to come by in order to repeat.

Submit a ticket and hopefully support can credit the activity.

Ride/Run On.