April 12: Incomplete activity reports and not uploading to 3rd party apps

All - We are presently aware of a numbner of Zwifters reporting either incomplete activity reports or that their activities have not been uploaded to 3rd party apps like Strava.

Our team are aware and aware investigating.

Is this a universal problem? was going to do a ride shortly but can wait until later if it is likely to not record properly

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It doesn’t appear to be update related. Too many reports to suggest (imho) that it’s isolated.

There were some backend issues (I would guess AWS but not my bag) 2-3 hours ago but I don’t know at this stage if it is an ongoing issue or something that is now okay.


Two rides tonight not showing in Zwift or Strava?
Drops and XP and Distance all missing.

Also no ride on’s either, seems to be missing from game

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I just fell foul of this at the end of the Stage 2 ride. No XP, ride ons, distance or completion of the stage.

Anything after approx 8am UTC?

Trying to determine if it is still happening.

the same for me, i have 2 rides this morning and nothing appears in the app‘s!

I have just completed a workout on zwift and no log of it anywhere on zwift hub or strava

Please how can I get it uploaded it was a very important workout🤞

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Yep. Mine.

Same for me, no result on Zwift

Same here, 3 rides missing from Zwift. Just did another test ride 10:20 UTC logs show all files uploaded and and screenshots.

Same here. Everything saved normally after ride this morning, but is not shown in the apps.

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First ride was 07:15 UTC, second one ended 08:37 UTC, did a test ride 10:20 UTC and all missing.

yes, after 8 utc

Really annoyed, just completed a 13.5 mile ride, to hit some targets, the mileage on the game has changed but no file to uploaded, what is the current status as I’m due to renew and really can’t be bothered until this is resolved, don’t want to do another ride until it’s sorted

I also just spotted this. Just did two rides: a warmup and a workout. Ended my ride after warm up to start new ride. Both activities not showing anywhere.

Latest update:

Ride suddenly appeared on Strava 2 hours later. Nothing in Zwift or Garmin yet. Interesting….

Update 2:

Now activity is showing in Zwift. I’ll call that a resolution for now. Garmin can wait

My partner also had the same on her training session this morning (the session time and distance was cut short - It did show in companion but did not sync to 3rd party sites,) She also recorded on head unit so has used that file for now. I will look to see if the .fit file is correct in the logs later today.
I can see that other riders on my team appear to have similar issues with their activities from earlier this morning aswell.

Perhaps an update on the Status site would be good? (https://status.zwift.com) :+1:

Fingers crossed the issue gets identified and resolved soon. Thanks for being pro-active on here James!

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It’s happened to me. My training, was made today, was no uploading.

Would be good if Zwift could actually supply an update! I’m frustrated that I did my ride when I had time and not sure if I’ll have any more time today to do another but not wasting more time if they can’t fix it!

I don’t have an update for you other than my original message.