Zwift session not recorded properly and mobile app failed

Just to report these failures basically. Rode to a stop and used the pc to say “im done” and then Save and Strava.  I then shutdown and awaited the results, nothing came up on strava.  Have just checked online and the ride is registered as 40 minutes?  Its not the end of the world but as this is a beta version I guess you guys should know.

Also the iphone app crashed today at the start of the ride and I got the wheel of death that never recovered.  I switched phone on and off but it didn’t clear.

Hi James,

The ride will not show properly right away as the time zone for Watopia is in the Solomon Islands (as per its GPS coordinates). This is something we’re working with Strava on.

Meanwhile you can grab your .FIT file if things seem odd from Documents > Zwift > Activities and upload them from there.


Hi Eric

Thanks for making it clear which time zone Watopia island is in.  That’s great. My point and reason for the post however was to make you aware that the software had a bug or something didn’t work properly on the save and upload part of the program as it never posted to Strava and on the recording list has been entered as a “(partial)”.  That is strange as the ride appeared fine on screen as I was doing it all the way to the end.  Coincidentally it happened on a day when the Zwift app on my phone wouldn’t load properly at all and I just stared at a wheel of death…

I had this same thing happen just recently (Nov 3rd). My ride was registered as partial. The .fit file on my computer was complete (had my full ride), but it was like the zwift application didn’t record it back to the server correctly. I feel like James in it not being a big deal, but that I should report the issue since zwift is still in beta (especially since it was my first zwift experience).

Hi guys. I had this issue awhile back and solved it quickly by grabbing the .FIT file from documents-zwift-acitivities and manually uploading to strava. showed up immediately and too less that 5 mins to do.