Just finished riding Stage 1 and the app crashed!

Hi there!

Just finished riding in Stage 1 (Group B) in the TDZ… finished the 15.5 miles, coasted to a stop, hit save, and the app crashed on my laptop!

It didn’t save as stage completion, in fact in my personal dashboard it only saved as a 13.3 mile ride.

This has never happened to me before! Is there any way of recovering the ride and setting credit for Stage 1?

Even stranger… I just received an email telling me that I completed Stage 1 of the TDZ. So it looks like it was recorded… but I can’t see so in the companion app…

You got lucky. Very.

Zwift does not support uploading FIT files, and support has never (to the best of my knowledge and experience) granted anything but Jerseys.

Also received the Le Col coupon, so something triggered that I finished the stage! Just wish it would show that in the app!

Ok… just finished Stage 1 group B for the second time… finished the ride, went to save it… and… CRASH. What’s going on?