No Credit for TDZ Stage 2 Ride

I completed the TDZ stage 2 ride (group B) but after the ride the app froze and had to be restarted. It allowed me to go back to my previous activity but i lost all of the drops that I earned in the ride and it wasn’t credited as a TDZ ride, just as Innsbruck. Does anyone know how I can get this fixed?

This happened to me as well. I did the mountain route and about 1/2 mile toward the end everyone disappeared and appears my internet had cut out. I saved it immediately after passing through the banner, got the badges, etc. Saved like always to Strava and I thought all was good. After about an hour the activity showed up in companion app but without title, achievements or stats. Didn’t load to Strava either. I found the file which shows the in progress fit file and I am waiting to hear from support hoping to salvage the ride and badges. I thought since I was still riding and seeing the app it was still going but apparently you aren’t supposed to save till internet access is reconnected :(. Have you figured out if you can get credited in your issue or found your fit file? Curious if yours says the same.

Hi Carol - Support responded to me that night and told me they were looking into it but couldn’t guarantee that I’d get credit for the ride. I’m still waiting to hear back from them. But I had another issue from 2 weeks ago where some wheels I bought disappeared and they came back with a similar response and still haven’t resolved the issue so I don’t have a lot of faith that they will get to this quickly, or at all. I’ll probably be riding the course again when they do the makeup stages in February.

Yeah I will prob do the same. Maybe a different route just for the “fun” of it lol. I still haven’t gotten the bike for completing the Zwift academy either and keep getting the response that it will be taken care of soon. Not having a lot of hope anymore for that either :roll_eyes:. Thanks for your response :slight_smile: