No credit for TdZ 2020

Hello. I have a problem with TdZ credit. I rode all the 7 stages (all during the make up days if that matters) but didn’t get any notification / achievement / reward. I „signed” for each ride through the iOS companion app (goint to „events” and finding each individual stage, depending how it fit my schedule). Did I mess up / did something wrong? Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ivo_Smolis
I see that you did ride all 7 stages, so we’ll get your TDZ kit awarded manually.

Do you remember enrolling in the Tour de Zwift campaign at some point? I see some odd things on the back end systems, and it would help if you can say with certainty that you did (or did not) enroll.

We see what happened here. It looks like you did all your stages during makeup week. Working on your case, stand by please.

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Yes I did all the stages during make up days - somehow the whole event went under my radar during the „normal” period :wink:

I did, however, try „enrolling” for some rides through the webpage but then I checked in the companion app that it also showed up in there, marked in the „events” section as „going” so I thought it’s the same and didn’t matter if I chose the event through webpage or companion app. So I continued withe app as it’s more convenient for me as usually I can’t predict my schedule and just hop on a bike and choose the events on the go.

Also to be honest I didn’t clearly understand whether I should subscribe for the event somewhere on the webpage or in the companion app - so just went with it and targetted all the stages individually throught the app.

Probably didn’t make myself too clear :wink: but thank you anyways for the help!

I also have issue with stage 7

I see you rode 1 lap of the Harrogate World’s Circuit today, so manually gave you credit.

Did you cross the finish line and see a completion banner?

Yes, event confetti, at the start there were at least 9 of us, then when the flag dropped the others disappeared & I was solo. The mile countdown was visible and the leaderboard said 14 others were on course but none of their names were visible

Yes I did , I’m pretty sure I even saw confetti. At start there were about 9 of us , then when flag dropped the others disappeared instantly and I was solo. The mile counter was visible as well as leaderboard, said there were 14 others but no names but my own. I averaged 225 watts for ride. This has happed at least one other stage( I rode it again with no issue)


Anyway - you should see the a thumbs up icon on Stage 7 now on the home screen of your game app.

Ride On!

Thank you for all the info. Just checked back in Zwift garage but still no jersej. However there appeared a Newbury Velo kit - don’t remember participating in their events however :sweat_smile:

I am apparently in the same boat. A relatively new zwifter who never did any “events” before this month. Did all of my stages during the make-up week I even went back to the TDZ page and tried to “register” for the tour again, but the link does not do anything visible in my browser. I can see the TDZ group rides as the last 7 events in my feed, and crossed the banner and got the results page for each.

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Having the same problem, have done all 7 plus a few extra and no jersey, tried clicking on the register for the tour button over at but no response.

I did all stages during the makeup period. I did all 7, finishing today with Yorkshire. I passed through all the finish banners, and viewed the stats at the end of the ride. I logged out and logged back in, and do not have the thumbs up on any stages and no jersey in my collection. My account email is Thanks

I ran all seven stages also, but stage 1 has not been credited to my account. The other six stages have been confirmed, even though I extended some runs for a couple more km.
So I ran stage 1 again, this time switching back to Watopia right after the finisher screen. Again not credited. I have no clue how to complete the tour. Yet all runs appear in my activity log.

Hi, I also completed all 7 stages, but being fairly new to Zwift, I didn’t realize that I needed to register
for the tour event. Is there any way to get credit for the rides and kit at this point?

Another one here who clicked on the register button (in three different browsers) but it did nothing and also didn’t register me.

So I didn’t see the Screen in Zwift, didn’t get any thumbs ups for completed stages or even know this was “a thing” and also didn’t get my kit upon completion and singing in again.

This has all been resolved with a web-chat with support who were great but it does seem to be a quite widespread issue of users clicking register on the web and not actually being registered.

I have though lost quite a bit of weight and am fitter so it has worked as intented but damn it, I want my kit for bragging rights!

I’m with you Eric. I think the register button has been nerfed all week. That’s why I thought I had to “sign up” for each individual events the “events” tab which oddly has no link to overall multi-stage events, just the stages themselves. Live and learn I guess, but if I can’t get jersey credit, I wasted a lot of time this week.

Is there any solution possible for the riders completing the TDZ but not getting the jersey?

Another one here and new to Zwift, rode all 7 events in make up week and didn’t register, have had all the emails for completing each stage and one saying I had completed them all. It would be nice to get the jersey!!