TDZ Stage 4 makeup not credited

Got the mail - but no credit (TDZ Sage 4 - Bolonga - make up.)

Should I re-do it? Will I be credited?

What is the point of participating if such issues are persistent? Browsing the forms, this issue seems prevalent.

It may seem that this issue is prevalent, but there are thousands of riders that completed all seven stages without issue.

Not getting credited is usually due to internet connection issues or if a rider started another event/workout before saving the TdZ ride.

I would say just ride it again, I assume you were planning to ride this week you might as well pick stage 4 and do it again.

Le’ts see if I read this correctly: Zwift acknowledges TDZ stage 4 (in mail), but declines to credit the rider? How is this OK?

Your reply assumes a lot. Not all necessarily true. Me completing and not being credited for TDZ Stage 4 is rooted in fact.

You will can contact Zwift Support: and ask them to credit your ride.

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I didn’t get get credit for stage 1, so I contacted zwift support.
They confirmed that I had indeed completed the stage and was going to manually credit me.
That’s over 24 hours ago and I’m still waiting. If nothing happens I’ll just do it again on Sunday. :slightly_smiling_face:

I did. Still waiting their reply… No response yet.