TDZ Stage 3 not credited

Advice needed please. I completed TDZ Stage 3, Watopia, on 16th January 2021, completing it at 1759 and it did not credit my passport. I received a congratulatory email to the effect that I completed Stage 3. After reading articles - they suggest contacting support, this does not seem to be possible through the Contact Us on the Zwift website.
Firstly is it possible to credit the Stage and secondly has anyone else been able to contact the Zwift Support Team.
Thank you for any help/advice.

Stage 3 not credited has also happened to me. I would also like to add TWICE. Both times, the application crossed the moment I crossed the finish line. I see the countdown, 200 m, 100 m, then app freezes, this occurred on Saturday and Sunday. I have reported it to Zwift on Sunday via email and have received no response. In addition to the congratulatory email sent after the first attempt, I also have the rides saved in Strava. I do not know what is more frustrating, the fact that I have done this stage twice with no credit or the fact that no one from Zwift has taken action to make this right. I thought I was doing something good by reporting a bug. As you can imagine, I am apprehensive about attempting this Stage 3 a third time, because I have no evidence that the problem will be corrected.

i have the same issue