Did not get credit on Tour De Zwift

I rode Tour de Zwift Bologna today. I have the stats but did not get credit for riding in the world. What can I do?

Same here. The ride was saved but not as TdZ.

Try again :sunglasses:

Zwift did contact me through the forum and fixed the problem. I am so grateful!


Just realized that i have the same Issue on the watopia stage, rode it, it shows on my activities but didn’t get credited :frowning:
Unfortunately re-riding it again is no option since Make-Up Dates were January 20 - 23.

Hope Zwift team can sort that out for me too

Hi @Jose_Maria_Lopez_G_B

Welcome to the forum’s.

There will be makeup days in February. https://zwift.com/tdzride


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Hi @Gerrie_Delport
thanks for the Information about the Make up stages…
Will do my best to join the Watopia one :slight_smile:

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My London stage is not credited as well.
I finished the ‘A’ route and also received an email with positive confirmation afterwards, but now it’s shown as ‘not completed’. Any chance to correct this or do I have to do the makeup stage?


I had it happen twice on two different rides. I had to retire them. No credit :woman_shrugging:t3:


I got the same thing happen to me for stages 1 and 2.

Can i get this fixed???


I continued to ride after I finished different stages. I have emails that I completed but I didn’t get the credit for completing the tour de Zwift. Zwift can you help?


I did have three people from zwift say it would get fixed but it seemed that it would take a while to get done and I was uncertain so I just re-Road The responses from zwift were very vague and I wasn’t confident the problem would be fixed.

I rode all seven. All listed in my activities as TDZ events. Finished stage 6 as a make up event as missed the normal time. No well done, only an email to say I’ve finished stage 6 only one more to go to complete the tour!?! Hopefully sorted as I’ve completed all stages.

So I just talked with a friend and the same thing happenened to her. What we realized was that she did not initially sign up for the ride during the Zwift 2020 sign up time so therefore she was not registered. Maybe that is the same for you??

Seven stages show up on Zwift as being completed. No jersey.

Same here.

I have completed all 7 stages of TDZ but didnt receive the kit in my garage. What do I need to do?