TdZ make up not showing on

I’ve finished my last two stages (2&7) on Monday 4th of Feb, evening, but I’ve not received an email nor does it show a thumbs up on It still mentions I’ve finished 7/9 stages.

Do I need to wait or is something wrong?

I’ve had exactly the same with a stage completed on Monday evening.

Same here, last ride from 4th February not showing and no email from Zwift.

I have the same issue - I completed Stage 2 in a make-up session February 4th and no credit received. I have saved all of my .fit files just in case they are needed by Zwift.

I have the same issue :frowning:

Same issue as well - Stage 3 completed on Feb. 4th

I am in that boat as well. did a makeup on Feb 3 that got logged just fine. but my last one (stage 8) on Feb 4, no love. Although the data file did get uploaded to my training peaks account, so at least I have a record of it.

Originally they only listed 2 makeup days, I am wondering if they missed something when giving us the 3rd make up day that means they are getting recorded quite right.

I was thinking the same thing…
I think more makeup events were scheduled on the Monday than originally planned, presumably based on feedback, as people were asking for it on these forums. Perhaps something then wasn’t factored in when further extending the tour, so it’s not officially logged them.

There are a few threads on this now, but doesn’t appear to be an official response on it yet.

I received a confirmation email this morning that I finished the event!
In it still states I only did 7 out of 9 stages.

Same for me. Finished all stages and waiting reply from Zwift after sending out an email for that.
Hope this comes form Lunar/Chinese New Year Holiday delay on verifying data.