TdZ Make up - no email

Just completed one of the two stages I need to complete the TdZ but didn’t get an email confirmation on completion. Stage has uploaded to Strava and showing in my Activity feed on the Companion. Assuming this was just a glitch??

One left to go today so don’t want to waste all that time!

Same here. No stage completion email and since the 9-square TdZ board that used to be on the left on the route selection screen is now gone, i cant tell if Zwift acknowledge the stage I just did…

Same issue here. Did two makeup rides and no email for either. Grid showing progress is gone. Rides show up in my profile, Strava and ZP. Wondering what I need to do to ensure credit.

Did the last stage last night and all was good. Confirmation email and completion email :ok_hand:

I have the same problem. Completed the final stage (Stage 8) today; shows on Strava but no email and no jersey.

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Has anybody had successful resolution to this apart from the people who got their jersey/notification automatically? If so what steps did you take? I made up 7 stages and when I logged in to complete my last one today suddenly the grid was gone. I figured I’d complete that last stage anyways but now that I’m done I am not sure if/how I actually get the jersey or any notification that I’ve completed it?

Started stage 3 today 2/4/19 at 4:10 EST and completed the stage. I haven’t gotten and e-mail and when I checked it shows stage 3 incomplete. I didn’t get an e-mail on the 2 make up stages I did on Saturday 2/2/19 but they are showing complete. Thanks so much.

I had the same issue today when I made up stage 7. No email and site shows stage incomplete. Activity shows I finished.

Anyone find a resolution for this?

I’ve got the same problem…

I had four stages to make up, of which I completed three over the weekend and promptly received an e-mail upon finishing each as usual.

All I had outstanding was Stage 2, for which I completed the February 4th 21:05 GMT session tonight. However I’ve had no e-mail, the jersey hasn’t unlocked and when I look on the Tour de Zwift website, the tile says I’ve not completed the stage.

Hopefully this is a bug that can be amended, as it’s a bit of a downer to have spent the time doing the tour, only to not really finish it due to some technical problem.

Me too…i’m sure they will fix it for all of us soon

Similar problem. I didn’t get the emails from the makeups but looking at the made up stages I completed over the weekend are shown as completed but the one from feb 4 is not so although I did all 9 it only shows credit for 8

I finished all of the tour de Zwift events and I have received 1 completion email?

Hope Zwift can sort this out.

Disappointing that no one at Zwift seems to be bothered about replying to this. Considering that the monthly sub is not exactly cheap I think we are entitled to expect something better than…nothing.

I see that the .fit file is entitled “” even though I closed it down as normal after completing the stage. Anyhow I’m sending a ticket as clearly it’s the only way to sort it.

Same issue here…completed FIVE stages since Saturday, which was painful for me. On Sunday, mission progress showed all stages complete except for Stage 5, but when I went to complete stage 5 on Monday, no more progress page. Completed final stage…no email.

But also noticed none of my 2019 completed missions are showing up. I completed Tour of Italy on Sunday during one of the stages. Also completed the Jan 10000 calorie mission, with final effort on Jan 31st. No notification of completion and no badge.

I realize this is just a game, but if the purpose of these reward trinkets is to motivate, I think I need a new motivation source:-).

Yes same for me - Stage 7 on 4th but showing as incomplete and no emails.

I am having the same problem. Still showing 8/9 stages complete this morning. The ride is showing up under activities but I have yet to receive an email.

Finished my 2 make up rides sunday and yesterday and still no email confirming that they were accounted for.

Any news on this issue? Is it normal or should i be concerned?

Same issue. Did final makeup stage on Monday. Says incomplete. Same for a friend of mine.

How do you check for the complete/incomplete status?