TDZ stage 7 no recorded ride

Once again… it’s me with no recorded ride, yes like a regular ride but that’s it. I even got the email saying well done you did it but hey that’s all.

Anyone else there? Jeez… second time happens that to me

Yes it also happened to me immediately after completing stage 7 group c, Wednesday @ 11:00 P.M. CST
02/03/2021 . I got the e-mail saying well done as well and the ride was not shown as completed.

Second day in a row for me, did the longer ride. I find the files in my actitivities, but they are not getting synced to zwift…

Same here, ride shows in my activities, but no email and status in app and website shows not done. I’ll redo the short version tomorrow. All other stages worked fine so far.

I had the exact same thing happen to me & I can’t find a link to email Zwift that works.

My ride shows up in Zwift but with a generic title and no details like PRs, etc., no completion e-mail but the activity shows up correctly on Zwift Power.

I contacted Zwift support a few days ago and they said it is a known issue and they are investigating to get my completion badge…

Same for me. It shows up in The zwift dashboard but not as done ride

No registration of tour 7…why??

Stage 7 is over since last night.

I know rode it lasy week but did not register apparently, yes as normal ride it

They told me it’s something normal that doesn’t get registered and they will check it.

The funny thing was that because I had to ask to credit the stage number 6 and now the 7, they don’t fancy that I mean they probably will not credit it for me even tho I got the email saying yes you did the ride, I uploaded to my garmin account the log file where it shows the ride is done and on Zwift power if you check it you can see my profile as I completed the stage.

I just re-did stage 7, and it worked the 2nd time.

Same. Registered for Stage 7 ride. Competed ride with no issues during event, even got the Group Ride completed screen and the confirmation email that I completed Stage 7. Saved the ride and exited immediately after finishing. If I click on the activity, it says no data available and I did not get credit for completing Stage 7.

Don’t get your hopes too high.
It is best to use the make up dates.
I’m still waiting for the Stage 4 credit.

Same here for stage #7. Mail received, activity visible but no credit. Seems like a very odd issue.

This has just happened to me tonight. I completed stage 8 and no ride recorded on Zwift but it did upload to Xwift Companion and Strava. However, according to Zwift, I haven’t done stage 8 which means I’ll have to do it again!

Well just to let you know, now Zwift is not even recording a regular ride, I just did a race out of tje TDZ and same happened. On zwiftpower everything cool, the log file is there to upload it manually to my garmin account but that’s it.

That’s tiring.

Same. But for stage 8 . Get the congratulations email but the activity is just shown as a generic ride, not for t de z.

I did stage 8 tonight and completed it (I have turned off emails) but the banner came up on Apple TV to say stage 8 complete. In Zwift companion app it’s missing the last 5k of the ride and it’s showing as ‘activity still in progress’. No upload to Strava and no route badge :frowning:

Similar situation. Completed stage 7 and got the email but it hasn’t registered on the PC app. Guessing mine didn’t register because I did a workout afterwards.