No recorded rides

Well as I posted before on the events section, after the stage number 6 on TDZ none of my rides get recorded properly. I mean I had to ask Zwift to credit my stage number 6, then number 7, I didn’t ride stage number 8 because I know will not get recorded and none ride or race I do on my own gets recorded.

I get the emails saying well done you completed the ride or stage, if I go to zwiftpower my rides are over there done and If I upload the log file to my garmin account everything it’s ok but not on the Zwift app.

Im sorry but that’s frustrating.

It sounds like you may have mismatched log ins/outs. Do you happen to use Zwift on multiple devices? If so, always be sure to either save the ride or use the trash can when exiting (even if you go into the game just to change a jersey or a bike, or anything else) so that the log ins/outs match up.

I always use Zwift in the same way I mean, laptop connected to the tv and on the phone the companion app. Everything was fine before but right now every single ride I do, no matter what ride I do, on the Zwift app doesn’t get recorded.

And I do like always, I do my ride then the Zwift asks you want to stay in that stage or go back wherever u were I press record the ride and that’s it, the log file is cool but nothing on the Zwift app.