Yet another ride not recorded! What's going on

My last ride has not been recorded. This is the second time an effort has been completed and saved. But then lost! The first time was on TDZ this time it was just a ride. annoyingly id just upgraded to level 17 and choosen the new frame. On looking at strava. Nothing. Now on looking at the companion app nothing! Really frustrating

The same thing happened to me on Saturday. Partway into the ride, an event started, and all of the riders in it were nameless and flagless. Some time later, the nameless riders vanished, leaving me all alone in Richmond. Network connection was fine, but Zwift was clearly in offline mode.

Hey can you two send in a support conversation if you haven’t already? We’re monitoring this issue and trying to locate a catalyst. Our apologies for the inconvenience!

You can also check you mydocuments folder\zwift\activities
all the rides are stored here, under “.fit” format. You can upload it manually to STRAVA.

I had the same thing yesterday, riding the Zwift Fondo. Just started the EPIC climb, 64km done, only about 8km to go, everyone disappeared and no one came back on. After exiting Zwift, my ride did not upload to STRAVA, so I did it manually. There I got my full workout. On the Zwift website and Companion app however, I only got 51km instead of the +77km (72 of the Fondo + cooldown), and even less then where everyone disappeared (round about 64km).

That worked. Thanks for the tip. And yes i will open a ticket

Thanks all

Yes, I sent in a support request. Some interesting bits in the log file…

[5:31:58] Got an access token
[5:51:03] NETCLIENT:Error refreshing access token: [400] {“error”:“invalid_grant”,“error_description”:“Session not active”}

[5:51:04] NETCLIENT:Failed to fetch periodic info: [23] Could not acquire access token because credentials are missing


[5:46:29] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state
[5:46:30] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state
[5:46:31] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state
[5:46:32] NETWORK:error (6) sending player state
[5:46:33] NETCLIENT:send player state sequence number: 1
[5:46:33] NETWORK:error (7) sending player state
[5:46:34] NETWORK:error (7) sending player state
[5:46:35] NETWORK:error (7) sending player state
[5:47:49] NETCLIENT:send player state sequence number: 101
[5:48:09] NETCLIENT:send player state sequence number: 201
[5:48:29] NETCLIENT:send player state sequence number: 301

[6:54:48] NETCLIENT:send player state sequence number: 19501
[6:54:57] NETWORK:error (8) sending player state
[6:54:57] NETWORK:error (8) sending player state

Note that my internet connection was up the entire time.

This happened to me tonight - joined an activity group ride, with about one minute left suddenly all the other riders dropped out from around me which made me think my internet wigged out, but the connection was fine. I finished the ride, which was about an hour long, yet the activity on my feed showed as only 24 minutes, and it didn’t auto upload to Strava.

I located the .fit file in My Documents and uploaded it manually to Strava - and it contained the full hour-long ride. Very strange.

I’ve been on zwift for 2 years, never a single problem. Until tonight. After I saved and exit from the ride, it never synch’ed. On the zwift mobile app, it says the ride is still in session. I know how to manually upload the file into strava. But, something is definitely broken in the exit/save code. I’ll open a ticket as well.

I am a new rider and whilst activities have been saved to 7day and 30 day history my all time record is missing a 40k ride. I have reported it but have had no response yet.

Mine started last week, had to travel out of town and only 3 days to meet my weekly goal. Rode my butt off and somehow my last and most difficult ride wasn’t recorded. Happened again last night. I did 21 miles London hilly, ended the ride and saved it. 5 minutes later I did London flat for about 16.2 miles. After my ride, I realized that my first ride wasn’t recorded. I sent an SOS to the support team this morning and awaits their reply.

Same thing happened to me last night, rode Alpe du Zwift - sub 1 hr for the first time, saved ride after completing but when I checked my strava there was no event showing. Checked companion and the miles weren’t saved within my weekly Zwift miles or on Strava. Zwift support are saying that it’s my fault as I viewed on several devices after my ride. That would have been my iPhone and iPad that I used after the event while attemting to see if the ride had final uploaded. No such luck, gutted!!