Please help me stop losing rides

I lost another ride tonight. Did the MAAP Tour stage 2 and some odd things happened:

  • it uploaded perfectly to zwift power
  • the zwift companion app shows it but it has a title of today’s date instead of the event name like it did for stage 1
  • strava didn’t get anything

It seems like it wasn’t uploaded properly. Is there anything I can do? Is it me? What I’m doing is:

  1. When ride ends I select stay here (I used to select the other button…switch or something…and someone suggested I was losing rides because of that).
  2. I usually do a short cool down
  3. I click menu and then end ride
  4. I click the big orange button, save I believe, it has a picture of strava and it hangs for a bit and then I’m back at my windows desktop.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Can I get the ride back?

Thanks for any tips!

You can download the ride from Zwift by logging into

As for what is causing your troubles, I have no idea.

You should be able to upload your .fit file to strava manually.

Also, what system are you running Zwift on? PC, Apple TV, iphone, etc…
Wireless connection? How strong is your connection? Maybe try a wired connection if wireless is weak/poor signal.
Make sure everything is updated to the latest version of Zwift.

Exact same thing is happening to me, except I’m on the free trial. How can I get Zwift to process the activity and include the stats from the ride?

The last I knew Zwift doesn’t have the functionality to upload lost rides so if you ended a ride and something failed and crashed, the ride is lost forever within Zwift. You should contact support to see if anything has changed or if they can help in anyway.

Hey guys!

This is most commonly caused by a connection issue between the device running Zwift and the Zwift Servers that results in not being able to save the ride to all save locations. The rides may be able to be recovered via your dashboard at, or by finding the .fit file in your computers storage system. Once you have the .fit file you can upload the ride to strava or other 3rd parties manually. Stats such as distance, elevations, experiance, and drops can’t be credited to the account however, due to technical limitations. I hope this helped everyone with this type of issue!

Ride On!


Ok thanks guys. I have uploaded the files to Garmin and strava. Is there any troubleshooting around how to avoid or fix this issue?

Make sure you Wifi signal is strong, or use a wired connection.

Happened to me too recently along with some other weird issues. It may not be wifi related, an Zwift used to handle intermittent disconnects and reconnect ok but I’m not sure anymore. The official Zwift suggestion of relying on 3rd party services rather than Zwift itself for stats is not helpful if you only use Zwift.

Signal strength is 100%. I even brought the laptop in next to the modem to save the ride and the same thing happened. The window crashed, closed and brought me back to my desktop. Super frustrating.

Did you ever get any resolution to this, David? I had the same exact thing happen to me last night after the Prudential Fondo. I have a hard time accepting Zwift’s answer that they cannot recover my file when both the Ride Report shows all the extra miles I completed…and, as you said, it shows up in Zwiftpower just fine as well! So I don’t understand why only 11 miles of my ride was sent over to Strava!

Sorry for the late reply. I did open a ticket with Zwift and they mentioned they could help me get credit for the ride in terms of unlockables, it was one of the MAAP stages so they could help me get credit for the jersey, but they couldn’t do anything to get credit for the ride itself (such as capturing distance and elevation in zwift itself). A bit disappointing because I’m low level and don’t want to lose rides.

I searched around the forums here and elsewhere and one post was saying to always select “stay here” after a ride completes, if it’s an event. I’ve tried this but I’ve still lost at least one ride doing that. I noticed in a few rides I lost credit for that I finished the ride, took a quick break, then returned to do a cool down and complete the ride. I’m having better luck completing the ride and then doing a cool down separate if I want. Anyway, not sure either of these things really help just sharing. Really wish Zwift would come up with a way to upload the file for credit like other sites do.