TOW 21 Not Recording

For some reason I cannot get the TOW stage 1 to record as complete. This is the running not cycling.

Cycling registered fine.

Running, I’ve done the stage 4 times but at no point is companion app or in game saying it’s complete. I’ve not saved the runs after but that shouldn’t make a difference. Anybody else experienced this before I put in a ticket?

It’s not been done with multiple devices logged in and I’ve now tried it on totally separate devices.

That sounds like an issue, if you don’t save the run how will zwift know you completed it?



It shouldn’t make a difference but could be.

Should be the same as jersey and badge achievements, they are awarded at point of completion. If you complete a route and get a badge it isn’t removed if you don’t save the ride.

I’ll save the next one to see.

Well I did it again and saved it.

Worked. How odd.