TOW run missing on companion

Hi. I completed TOW run stage 5 yesterday, having completed the 1st 4 stages. Companion showed I had completed stages 1-4. Once stage 5 had been completed, companion now shows I now haven’t done stage 4 but ZP shows that I have. If I scroll through my activities in companion, I can’t find stage 4 now. Any ideas?

If you contact the support team they should be able to sort this for you.

I can see your stage 4 activity in CA (actually saved twice) but it just shows as a run in Watopia rather than the normal Tour of Watopia event. The fact it didn’t save any screenshots possibly suggests an internet error at the time you saved your run.

Hopefully support will sort it out for you.

Hi @_DougieMunro_ZRSCOT

John with Zwift support here. I took a look at your account. I was showing that for the riding part of Tour of Watopia, on our end, you have all the stages showing as complete. For the running, it was showing that you were missing stage 4. I did some further digging into your activity and was able to locate your run activity for stage 4 and get that credited to you. The riding and running should be showing as complete now on your end. Any unlocks that are associated with finishing the running should automatically unlock in your garage.

If you could check on your end to make sure that it’s all showing as complete now, it would be appreciated.


Yes, I can confirm that all run stages are complete. I received an email a few minutes ago which surprised me so I checked and it’s there now. Thank you very much
for your help. At least now I know I wasnt seeing things.

Appreciate you checking that, glad all is showing correctly now. Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

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