TOW Stage 4 not completed

I ride TOW Stage 4 Long ride.

  1. The current ranking was not shown on the screen during riding.
  2. Stage 4 was not completed after the event.
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Here the same… again (like after Stage2)… I wrote to the Zwift Support.

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Same here but then with TOW Stage 4 Shorter Ride

Same here. I DID get confirmation email that i completed it. Also submitted request to support.

Same with longer ride. Once again theres a gremlin in the works!

Same for me. Completed stage 4-B but no status update (just like what happend with stage2).

Same for me (again) :confused:

Same here for stage 4 short route. Ended up riding it twice and still no luck! Still shows not complete

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Same for me, did get the e-mail…

Same for me and the same thing happened with stage 2

Where can I write in Zwift support?
I can’t find.

Add me to the list. Longer ride, got congratulations email, but no credit. Same as stage 2.


Same here, wrote to Not sure if that is the right way to get in touch with the support team?!

Same here. (And same with stage 1, but I guess that is a lost case now)

I think it’s a little complicated.
You find “support” button at the top of the Tour of Watopia webpage. Scroll to the bottom of the appearing page and click “contact us” button. In the little chat box click the “Technical Issues”.
Here I wrote a letter to the support. With the first sending, only shows some forum topic. I didn’t care about these. So you have to scroll down and click “Send Email”. Here appeared my first letter and here I could attached the “fit” file of the Stage4. Maybe there is a simpler solution but I don’t know about it.

Same here. As with Stage 3, my first Stage 4 ride isn’t marked completed although finished.

@Zwift Support: Please fix again.

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Same here with ToW Stage 4 Shorter Ride.
I already sent request to support. It’s too hard for me to ride Stage 4 again.

I have had the same problem with the Stage 4 short course today and had it in one of the other stages too! I did the longer and shorter route for that stage and it unlocked on the second try! I will probably do the longer stage 4 too and hopefully that will unlock it but thought i would make people aware of it as it seems to be a problem many are having! I must admit i have never had this problem on any other tour, Hopefully zwift get it sorted.

Szilvia, did you get your credits for Stage 2 ? Same here with Stage4 (B) this morning…

I did stage 4 the long ride this morning and the companion app does not register that it was completed even though it is logged as completed in zwift power and I received an email that I finished it. Hope this can be fixed.