Tour of Watopia Stage 1 completed but not counted

Completed TOW Stage 1 (C) yesterday. Ride saved normally to activity feed including “finished event” achievement but is not recognized on the Tour “Progress Report”

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Just to let you know that I’ve seen your post and want to see if it’s something that’s affecting a lot of people before recommending what action to take.

I have the same problem. My first stage didn’t get counted but I just completed the second one and it counted only the second one while my first one still shows up as incomplete.

I’m in the same situation. Finished stage 1 last night, got the pop up saying I unlocked a hat, and it’s not in my garage. Got the email saying I completed stage 1, but my app says I’ve done 0/5 stages.

Same for me

Hi @JamesBailey
Same issue for me. Completed stage 2, received a congratulatory email but doesn’t show up in my progress on Zwift home screen or in the companion.

Thanks all, I’ve flagged this with the team.

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I have the same issue, but with ToW Stage 2.


Due to the numbers of you (very low), can you please contact support and they should be able to sort you out.

If this was a widespread issue there would be loads more saying that they were experiencing the same problem.