Tour of Watopia Stage 1 - where can i see this as being completed?

i assume the log in screen showing the tour of watopia stages should be populated as completed once you complete a stage? i can see stage as completed in my activities and received an email notice but wondering where you can see progress in game? any thoughts?

I assume you should see your progress here: (top right hand corner)

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Hi Gerrie,

Indeed says 0/7 but know I’ve completed stage 1. Apparently I’m not alone and Zwift knows of a problem. Attached my views showing no progress and state 1 completed.

Thanks. Jeff

Yes if it does not show up now then there is still a problem that they are working on.
Keep an eye on your progress, it should show up at some point.

see the post below.


Very helpful. Thank you Gerrie.

All good now. Thanks for your help Gerrie!!

I did the stage Yesterday 7/4/19 @ 4pm and my finishing data was nit saved, Zwift support did say that I would get a credit, but as of now this has not shown up.

Hi @Adrian_Robinson: give it some time. As you know monday mornings is crazy in most offices, so I would assume the same for Zwift HQ.

Agree. Wait a day or two. Worked for me last week.