Stage 1 Tour of Watopia Credits

(Logan) #1

An issue was discovered with the first two events from this year’s Tour of Watopia Stage 1. The issue has been corrected.

Any rider who completed Stage 1 in the first two events of today, April 2nd, will be auto-credited within the next 24 hours. After crediting there should be no further issues with tracking your progress and the credit process will be automatic.

As always you can contact us via support for information or issues, but there is no need to write in to receive credit for your Stage 1 rides today.

We hope you enjoyed the first of our surprises in the Tour by lighting up the night!

Tour of Watopia Stage 1 - where can i see this as being completed?
Tour of Watopia - Stage 2 not showing completed
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(Z Kryder) #3

I thought it would be darker. For riders who already have the Tron bike, it was simply the same. I would love to see Jungle races that don’t start at the Pier. I always fall off on the base of the Epic climb. It would be great starting point for racing the Alpe as well!