Missing Stage 1 of Tour for All

Has anyone else completed Stage 1 and not received credit for it

I finished the watopia waistband group rude on the 7th but it’s not showing as completed in my list of 5 stages

Stage 1 showed up for me but now nothing for Stage 2 completed yesterday. Not showing in ZwiftPower results either but clearly visible on my Strava upload…

@David_Hartley and @Doug_Todd5895
Would you give us more info on where this isn’t showing up?

  1. on the Zwift Companion app?
  2. on the Zwift game app start up screen?
  3. on the my.zwift.com website?

Hi Shuji,

Not showing up as a badge achieved on the Companion App home screen and no results in ZwiftPower, but
does show up in my.zwift.com and in the Just Me Activities in Companion app



It doesn’t show in Zwift companion as completed for stage 1 fir myself but it shows the ride