TdZ stage 1 result not showing in overview

Hi members,

I worked hard and finished Tour de Zwift stage 1 (D) on 1/12/22 but it does not show up in de Tour de Zwift overview on screen. So it looks as if I didn’t ride or finish it. But it shows up in activities on the Zwift Companion app and equally on Zwiftpower. I want to win the kit : (. Do I have to redo this stage now? Or can this be fixed? I remember I had to reintstall Zwift around that time, do to some inlogging screen issues. Could it be that?

Kind regards, Agnes

Hi Agnes,

If the event is showing up in the Companion App, you’ll be credited for the stage and won’t have to repeat it.

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Hi Agnes,
To reassure you even further, do you mean the overview at:

If so, don’t worry. There seems to be an intermittent bug affecting how those icons are presented on that page. When I had done all of stages 1-7 (A, B and C in each stage, as confirmed in Companion), I logged into that site and saw this, with everything having been weirdly shifted up one:

The following day, everything was back to normal there, apparently of its own accord. :man_shrugging:

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Thank you, James.

Yes, In meant that overview, Thank you. Good to know!