Completed tour de zwift stage 4 but no result showing :(

Good evening all. Could anyone help me please ? I complete stage 4 of the tour de zwift today ( ride b) and my finishing position is not showing .

I have no idea why this would be the case and have I done something wrong ? Pretty gutted to not see my name in Lights as it was my 1st race

Thanks in advance for your help and hopefully someone will come along and wave a magic wand to fix !

My username is Matt Harris ( ROZ)

Where are you looking for your results?
Are you looking on Zwift power or Strava or elsewhere?
What time did you do the race?
Sometimes it just takes some time for the results to post.
I wasn’t able to see any results from the past several hours but I’m not used to searching other races and racers.

Hi Tim thank you for your reply . I have seen the results on zwiftpower

Race was 6pm uk time

The results are showing but my name is missing :frowning:

Same here, I completed TDZ Stage 4 today at 1500 EST. The event shows in my Zwift Feed as completed, but I’m not in the ZP results, nor is the Stage 4 checked off in the TDZ graphic when I sign into the game. I’ve completed Stages 1-3 of both the bike and run with no problems. Does anyone have advice?

I reached out to Zwift Support and they fixed this for me, Thank you Zwift for your timely resolution.