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I rode the Tour of London and yesterday the first stage of Tour de Zwift.
I know they are not real races, but the result I see when finishing the tour and the result on the Zwift Companion App is not matching the info I saw when riding the stage.

When crossing the finish yesterday, for example, I drove around place 672 (outta 1900), but on the Companion App I’m ranked 728th. Where’s the difference coming from?


very similar experience today - TdZ - Watopia Jungle. I finished (+/-) 492 (if I recall correctly), but Companion app puts me at 521st … no big deal, but I’d like to know what’s going on …

This is just a guess: in the on screen results the people that had started late was not included but after 30min the companion app get updated and include people that joined late.

Gerrie … thank you for input … you can be right … even I believe I checked the results (list) before 30 mins limit (almost immediately), I’m not sure … who knows what happened, but as I mentioned before … it’s not crucial for me … I finished the event and I was not the last one … good to know :-)))))

I saw somewhere else where somebody suggested that your position during the event is mileage based,as in you’re lumped in with everyone else at that mileage, versus when you cross a line it’s your actual position.

Maybe it has to do with another strange behavior I discovered yesterday. The Race results in the Tour de Zwift I participated yesterday are showing the first three places riders who didn‘t take the full distance but their time is therefore better than the real „winner“ (Quotations because ut is not a race). There seems to be no check for completion of the distance!
Cheers, Björn

Weird, my issue is different but may be related. I rode Tour de Zwift Stage 3 today and crossed the finish line at around 59:40. Zwift is showing me as completing at 1:00:25. I’ve never paid too much attention to the times but ~45 difference was a big enough discrepancy that I caught my eye.

Most events I have noticed that my ranking is always a lot different than what the HUD says. I’m glad to know now that its riders joining late.

I finished around 2750th place on laptop screen, but I was ranked 3171 in the race results.

Winner of the event at 20h CET didn’t even complete the tour as far as I can see, he only has stage 1 and 2 listed in his activity view not stage 3. Other riders have an incorrect time shown in the race results. What time is allowed for late joining?

Also not a big deal but on the other hand it was a bit of a disappointment to see that I gave it all to finally NOT finish at 2750 :wink:

Maybe related? My Tour zwift 4 ‘race results’ option isn’t availabme to me in the companion app. My time is posted and shows that i finished the race in 1hr and I saw my post-race synopsis after the ride, but i cant access the ‘race results’ option when a check my results for that activity, not for my user profile, or any of the other riders. I got dropped into a few seconds late, but that’s happened before and I didn’t have this issue.


Have same problem, no results on zwift companion app.
When stage4 finished it did show total time on the screen but added 3min to my ride time compared to strava segment time

@J_Boot results have been temporarily disabled following a crashing issue where end of ride results were a catalyst for the tour. Sorry for the confusion!

Cool, thanks for the update / quick reponse…

Hi! I rode Stage 4 today, and when it was about 6-7km left up the vulcano, everyone dissapered. So i was all alone to the finishline from there. And when i crossed the finish it said Stage 4 done. But in my app it says activity could not be loaded. And it has not shown on strava either, and i haven’t recived an e mail of completed Stage…So what do i have to do now, ride it all again or what?

Best regards

Tom from Sweden

I guess you had an internet connection problem during the ride. You can upload the .fit file on your pc to strava and maybe contact zwift and ask to register the ride, using this file…

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Dont think it was a internet problem, i talked with som others who vad the same problem yesterday. But sure, maybe it was, but i have had zwift for 2 years, and never experienced any thing like this.