Don't understand race finish on Zwift Companion app

I raced yesterday in Herd Winter Racing Series at 20:00 US Eastern time. As I crossed the finish line I was listed as 74th out of 94. However, when I now look at the Companion app my finish is listed as 70th and only 84 riders are listed.

Why did my finish move from 74 to 70?
Why are there only 84 riders listed in the Companion app? Is it possibly because 10 riders didn’t finish?

(I have seen this in other races.)

My friend had the same issue, it’s probably just a lag in the results.

I can’t personally say that I’ve seen discrepancies in the ZCA results, but you moved up a few spots on here too :slight_smile:

Most likely some of the racers aren’t registered on Zwiiftpower.

James –
Looking at the Zwiftpower results, I can’t see where it shows that I moved up a few spots. Can you explain? (I see that there were 3 riders that finished behind me but were DQ because of ZP but this wouldn’t have affected my finishing position.)

Oops. I misread your original message.

On the Companion app, I’ve never seen anything weird.

Zwiftpower shows you as 57th of 62 riders. Difference here is that many riders are not registered on ZP, thus do not count in the ZP results.

Lin –
This isn’t related to Zwiftpower. My problem is that my finish position (74 when I crossed the finish line, as shown on the race’s right leaderboard) is different than the tabulated race results that the Companion app reported shortly after the race finished (70) and as it still reports.

The only thing I can think of is that some riders ahead of me may have been DQ after the race so I then moved up. However, the only DQ possibility is that the organizer states, “No Zpower riders.” [DQ for not using a smart trainer or powermeter]. I don’t know how likely this DQ might be and whether Zwift racing (as opposed to Zwiftpower) actually monitors for this DQ.

I’m not objecting to the results, just trying to figure out why this would occur.

On the Companion app side vs live results:

  • sometimes people don’t finish and thus total number of finishers is different.
  • if it’s a TT, you could go backwards if someone behind you finishes w/a faster time but started after you.
  • DQ of riders ahead of you is also a possibility resulting in you moving up the rankings. Although, I’m not sure if this would show up/in the Companion app.

My point was that you were 57th in ZP and 70th in Companion - due to the people that hadn’t signed up to Zwiftpower.

In terms of why your position over the finish line and what was shown on the Companion App, I’m afraid I don’t know. I wouldn’t expect that to happen unless you were in a really tight bunch and what you saw as your position, wasn’t actually what it was when you hit the finish line.

I can’t think of any reason why finishers would be removed from the results on the Companion App.

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