Companion App results


(Michael Cairns) #1

I completed my first race (Tour de Zwift stage 1). When I check the results on the companion app on the first page of the activity it shows I placed 646th. When I click to expand on the race results and scroll down it only shows up to place 500. I am curious to see the results of the people that I was close with during the event and also to see if (any?) people finished behind me. :slight_smile: Can you expand the number of results shown?

(Godmother Fox) #2

yes, it happens to me also … stage 1 - I was 530 (or so) but only 500 riders are listed … consider it as a “masterpiece of coding” … or maybe sign we are too weak, thus we deserve to be ignored :slight_smile:

I didn’t find a way how to expand the list in companion app. To get my numbers, I had to use zwiftpower- external application …