Where is everybody?

Hey Zwifters! I am completely new to Zwift racing, in fact had my first race today, and really did not understand half of what was happening. It was 104km long FUSION ECT Saturday Race, I started in Category D. There were 38 riders at the start, there were 14 riders up the road, I was in a small group a few minutes back. What happened after was mindboggling -

  1. people were dropping from the race constantly from the leading group, some of them mere 30-40 km before the finish; I thought their w/kg was above the limit, so maybe there were disqualified, or simply knew they would not be ranked, but it was really strange

  2. Eventually, I went to third, and soon after that, all the riders behind me dropped. I finished the race third, all three riders were below the cat. D limit. In Companion app, we are listed as we finished in the race, but on ZwiftPower, I am listed as the winner, and the other two guys are not listed at all. I have no idea why. In fact I am the only finisher listed, I cannot find any details on why the others are not listed. Where is everybody?

I read a lot of the posts here, and can see that the whole racing is a pretty complex environment, but what I have witnessed today left me completely baffled - as if nobody wanted to win, very weird.

Any help you can offer to shed a bit of light on this is highly appreciated!

Take care and ride on!

It does look a bit weird. FYI, go the event in Zwiftpower and click on the “LIVE” tab at the top, that’ll at least show you the ZP registered riders who entered. Looks like about half the field quit early, most of those quit by about the halfway (50km) point.

My guess is people looking to ride with a group on a longer ride, the timeslot worked, but they never intended to do the full distance.

This event? https://zwiftpower.com/events.php?zid=2785995

What you described is typical of the longer races in that a lot of people dont finish. Some probably only intended to do an hour or so and had no other event to enter, some will be people that arent performing as well as they want so they bail, and others just dont have the stamina at the time, and so on. It is very likely to occur more in D as those with higher Cat ratings are likely to be a tad fitter etc (huge generalisation of course).

You can look in the Live tab to see where everyone dropped out - scroll to the bottom an look for distances completed. Looks like a bunch stayed for about an hour or so then left.

The couple that are on the Companion App activity but not Zwift are people that havent signed up for Zwiftpower (its not compulsory).

Yes, that´s the one. Showing only 14 riders from the original 38, and the two finishing before me are not listed at all. (BTW it lists my old name on Zwift for some reason.)

Why would ZP not show riders who are listed on first and second spots in Companion? Can that be found somewhere if they were disqualified?

Thanks John!

Thanks Dean, now this makes more sense! They are not on ZP, that is why they are not listed, along with the others who started, but also do not show up on the list.

There were two German riders who are not listed in ZP, who were top five, and dropped about 30 kms before finish doing very well until that point, seemed very strange.

Anyway, lot to learn!
Take care!

I do get annoyed with participation in the 100k+ races as I like to have a good race with others as well as personal goals but I often end up on my own for the last 20km’s.

A bit of work is going on to get scheduling of events done better to cater for timezones, racing types, peak times etc which may help participation but I suspect these long ones will always have similar hallmarks simply because they are long.

Cheers George

Some of the KISS 100 races I’ve done had well over 50 starters and only 20 or so finishers, and that was in B.

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Some of the dropoffs could have been from fear of disqualification, though probably not – there’s no real penalty, but as said, it looks like the DNFs never intended to finish. Of the 14 D riders in ZP, half of them were racing out of their category – probably just looking for a fun base ride. So had they finished they would been dq’d.

If category and pen enforcement rolls out, this won’t happen. But then again, a race just like this might start with a lot fewer enrollees.

Some of the KISS 100 races I’ve done had well over 50 starters and only 20 or so finishers, and that was in B.

I only ever finished one KISS 100 race. A lot of people dropped out indeed. It felt like everyone was going way too hard on the first lap (of the full PRL, and I don’t know why I entered that race). The second KISS 100 I entered, I joined everyone in going out too hard and dropped out early.